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QUESTION: Let Shed More Light On The Effects Of Modified Crop Species On Humans [Solved]

Nigeria Student Forum / Questions / Science / Let Shed More Light On The Effects Of Modified Crop Species On Humans

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Adelani Temiloluwa
School Of Nursing Ondo
Nursing Student
300Level, Nigeria.

For those that don’t know what GMO means, these are foods that have been genetically modified meaning that the genetic material of the food has been altered from its naturally occurring state. In other words, genes from other sources have been introduced into these foods and this is done for various reasons.

The topic of GMOs have been a very controversial one since its introduction in the USA in 1994 and now that it is approved in Nigeria, it is time to be more aware of what it is and how it may affect us. There have been several groups opposing it and several debates on the safety of GMO foods.

The bio-technology companies that are responsible for manufacturing these genetically engineered foods claim that it will help with increased supply of food which will help eradicate hunger, especially in countries such as Nigeria. That sounds all lovely and good, but still, I personally am highly concerned about the health implications these GMO foods have on our health, and you should be too.

Currently, GMO foods comprise about 55%-70% of the processed foods in the supermarkets. Most of the imported food items we buy from our supermarkets here in Nigeria are genetically modified. Other countries such as England, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, New Zealand just to name a few are against the introduction of GMO foods into their country. Why then should we as Nigerians be exposed to these GMO foods? It’s time to pay more attention to what you put inside of your body.

Ms. Gidado, an assistant director with the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) said that no research had proven that GMO foods had any adverse effects on human health and the environment. This may be true but long term effects are still scarce and hardly documented probably because not many people I know would offer themselves up to be used as Guinea pigs and be fed with these GMO foods that have been termed carcinogenic and thus harmful. However, various studies have been done on animals and the health implications of GM foods on these animals are not pleasant at all. These health risks include infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, problematic insulin regulation, stomach problems, reduction in digestive enzymes, liver toxicity, allergic reactions, antibiotic resistance, cancer etc. Let me elaborate on a few of these health issues.

Infertility: Studies done on animals showed that more than half of the babies of GM-fed mother rats died within 3 weeks. Also, the longer the mice were fed GM foods, the less babies they had and the smaller the babies were. Also, GM fed rats had uterus and ovary changes, and by the 3rd generation, they were unable to have babies. In addition, about 2 dozen US farms reported that GE-fed pigs or cows developed sterility and could not reproduce. All these suggests infertility or reduced fertility and also a high risk of birth defects. And we wonder why infertility rates are increasing daily in humans.

Cancer: In March 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) classified Glycophosphate as carcinogenic. Glycophosphate is a toxin that is greatly used in GMO foods and has been linked to many illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, Autism. It has also been known to be linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer. Also IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) is increased in dairy products from cows fed with GE foods. Recent studies show that IGF-1 is an important factor in the growth of breast, prostate, colon cancers. Once again, we wonder why the incidence of cancer is increasing.

Liver toxicity: The liver is one of the important organs in the human body and is responsible for detoxification. Rats that were given GM potatoes showed damaged livers. When these rats were switched to non-GM foods, their liver over time went back to normal. I think it is safe to conclude that GM foods play a part in damaging the liver.

Antibiotic resistance: GE foods have the ability to make certain bacteria to be resistant to antibiotics which will ultimately result in the increase and spread of infections. For example, GE maize plant from Novartis includes an ampicillin resistant gene and if this gene moves from the corn into bacteria, it will make ampicillin an ineffective drug in fighting bacterial infections.

The increase of cancer in humans, strange illnesses and infertility is alarming and everyone keeps wondering why. Perhaps we don’t have to look too far to find a probable cause, we only have to take another look at what types of foods we are putting into our bodies.

Source: https://www.greenamerica.org/blog/dangers-genetically-modified-foods-guardian

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Fadeyi Oluwaseun
Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho
B.tech Marketing Management
200Level, Nigeria.
Gene Pollution Cannot Be Cleaned Up

Ecology may be damaged

Increased use of Herbicides - Scientists estimate that plants genetically engineered to be herbicide resistant will greatly increase the amount of herbicide use.

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Fadeyi Oluwaseun
Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho
B.tech Marketing Management
200Level, Nigeria.
It has both advantages and disadvantages


Disadvantages overwhelmed it advantages. But we are usually blindfolded by the output we receive immensely and immediately

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Fadeyi Oluwaseun
Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho
B.tech Marketing Management
200Level, Nigeria.

Imprecise Technology : A genetic engineer moves genes from one organism to another. A gene can be cut precisely from the DNA of an organism, but the insertion into the DNA of the target organism is basically random. As a consequence, there is a risk that it may disrupt the functioning of other genes essential to the life of that organism.

Side Effects :Genetic engineering is like performing heart surgery with a shovel. Scientists do not yet understand living systems completely enough to perform DNA surgery without creating mutations which could be harmful to the environment and our health. They are experimenting with very delicate, yet powerful forces of nature, without full knowledge of the repercussions. Widespread Crop Failure Genetic engineers intend to profit by patenting genetically engineered seeds. This means that, when a farmer plants genetically engineered seeds, all the seeds have identical genetic structure. As a result, if a fungus, a virus, or a pest develops which can attack this particular crop, there could be widespread crop failure.

Threatens Our Entire Food Supply
: Insects, birds, and wind can carry genetically altered seeds into neighboring fields and beyond. Pollen from transgenic plants can crosspollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives. All crops, organic and non vulnerable to contamination from cross-- organic, are pollination

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Fadeyi Oluwaseun
Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho
B.tech Marketing Management
200Level, Nigeria.

No Long Term Safety Testing: Genetic engineering uses material from organisms that have never been part of the human food supply to change the fundamental nature of the food we eat. Without long testing no one knows if these foods are safe.

Toxins :Genetic engineering can cause unexpected mutations in an organism, which can create new and higher levels of toxins in foods.

Allergic Reactions Genetic engineering can also produce unforeseen and unknown allergens in foods.

Decreased Nutritional Value
: Transgenic foods may mislead consumers with counterfeit freshness. A luscious looking, bright red genetically engineered tomato could be several weeks old and of little nutritional worth.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria:Genetic engineers use antibiotic resistance genes to mark genetically engineered cells. This means that genetically engineered crops contain genes which confer resistance to antibiotics. These genes may be picked up by bacteria which may infect us.

Problems Cannot Be Traced

Side Effects can Kill

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