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QUESTION: How Can I Peel/dice Onion Without Crying

Nigeria Student Forum / Questions / Cooking / How Can I Peel/dice Onion Without Crying

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Adelani Temiloluwa
School Of Nursing Ondo
Nursing Student
300Level, Nigeria.

1. Use a sharp knife. A sharp knife will cause less damage to cell walls, and fewer irritants will be released.

2. Keep the exposed cuts away from you. As soon as you cut an onion in half, turn both halves down on your cutting board. Leave the side you aren’t currently chopping unpeeled. Once you’ve finished with one half, move the diced onion into a prep bowl, and set it on the opposite side of the kitchen, before proceeding with the rest of the onion.

3. Cut the onion properly. Chefs have an efficient way of dicing onions which conveniently keeps the most of the exposed cuts against the board. This Chow video will walk you through the process.

4. Chill the onions. With a cold onion, less propanethial S-oxide will evaporate. You’ll still get some irritants, but this will help. Remember – refrigerate, don’t freeze. Frozen raw onions are often mushy when they thaw.

5. Run the vent hood. Position your cutting board next to the stove and turn on the exhaust fan. Irritants will be pulled away from you and your eyes.


Tip 1: Freeze the onion.
Apparently, cold slows the conversion of sulfoxides into those awful eye-stinging gases. So I stuck a peeled onion in the freezer, figuring that peeling it would help the cold better penetrate the deeper layers. Half an hour later, I started slicing. My hands felt like they were on the verge of getting frostbite—but I didn’t cry!

Tip 2: Soak the onion in cold water.
A cold water bath chills the onion, which slows down the production of the gases. But it wasn’t as quite as effective as the freezer method. Plus, I was worried that my knife might slip on the damp onion. So I had to slice slower, which gave the onion some time to warm up.

Tip 3: Use a super sharp knife.
A sharper knife cuts cleaner, theoretically causing less gas-releasing damage to the onion’s cell walls. Since I wasn’t in the market for buying an entirely new slicing device, I figured the next best thing would be to sharpen the knife I already have. It made chopping a little less uncomfortable, but it still wasn’t as helpful as freezing the onion.

Tip 4: Microwave the onion.
I couldn’t find an official explanation for why nuking a whole onion would make me less weepy. Probably because one doesn’t exist. Microwaving the onion only made it slightly soft and, consequently, harder to slice. (Plus the smell was kind of gross.) Tougher slicing meant more damage to the onion cell walls, which meant the release of more gas. And more tears for me.
The verdict: Total failure.

Tip 5: Keep a piece of bread in your mouth.
This sounds totally ridiculous. And yet, it worked. Likely because the spongy texture of the bread (I held it between my front teeth with my lips slightly open) absorbed some of those noxious gases before they had the chance to float up to my nose and eyes. Plus who doesn’t love a little snack while they cook?

Tip 6: Wear goggles.
If they can keep water from getting into your eyes, surely they can block a little bit of onion gas. Except, I didn’t have any goggles. So I put on a pair of sunglasses instead. Which, aside from making me look ridiculous in the kitchen, didn’t really have much of an effect. Probably because the sunglasses didn’t create a seal around my eyes the way the goggles would. Also, I was still breathing, so the gases could still sneak in through my nose.

Tip 7: Keep the sliced side on your cutting board.
If the cut-side of the onion is face down, less gas will float up toward your face. But it’s impossible to keep all sides of a cut onion facing your cutting board at the same time. (Doesn’t one side always have to be on the cutting board, unless you’re slicing the onion while holding it in your hand?) This didn’t seem much different from how I normally cut an onion, so it didn’t help me cry any less.

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Rufai Oladimeji
Lagos State University
100Level, Nigeria.
1. Never Cut The Root End
First, you must understand
something crucial about an onion.
The only part that unleashes a
ruthless beating on your tear ducts
is the root end. So don’t even think
about cutting into that root stub –

2. Cut Off The Stem End
After peeling off some of the loose
skin layers, cut off the little stem
nub on the other side of the onion.

3. Cut The Onion In Half
Set the onion on that freshly cut
flat end and make a nice, clean cut
to the side of the root end that
goes all the way through. If you’re
a little OCD, it might bother you
that you just cut your onion in half
but it isn’t an exact half. Don’t
worry, it’s close enough. And plus,
it’s a million times better than
crying your eyes out.

4. Sliced Onions
Next, finish peeling off all the outer
layers of skin and start slicing your
non-root end half. Here’s how
you’d cut it for long slices.

5. Diced Onions
Now for the root end side. For long
slices, cut it the same way as the
other end – just don’t cut the actual
root part. But if you want dices,
here’s an easy way to accomplish
Make several slices with your knife
perpendicular to the root end – just
don’t cut through the root end, we
can’t express that enough (we’re
really worried about your poor
eyes). So your slices should still be
connected to the root end.
Then, make one slice half way
down, in the middle of your onion
so that all your first slices are now
cut in half, but still connected to
the root end. You’ll want to
reposition your onion so you’re
making the slice down toward your
cutting board – we just took a
picture that showed you where your
knife is in relation to the root end.
Next, start dicing away! You’ll make
several slices with your knife
parallel to the root end, starting
furthest from the actual root end.
With each slice you’ll have a bunch
of beautifully diced onions falling
onto the cutting board.

Your last slice should be close (but
not too close) to the root end,
leaving just that nub of tear gas
untouched. Viola! Diced onions and
no tears!

Congratulations! You can now cut
an onion without crying! You’ve just
learned one of the best life-saving
(or at least eye-saving) cooking tips


You can also wear googles.

You can also browse this link for more: m.wikihow.com/Chop-Onions-Without-Tears

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