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How To Compliment A Vietnamese Woman . by Shanefed (m): 11:48pm on September 27
700Level, Nigeria.
Want to date Asian men given that they remind me of my brother

I heard this in the real world, And I also see clearly online. Some Asian American females will in reality say this! Don want to date Asian men as they quite simply remind me of my brother or father. this is actually weird to me because the only women who say this are Asian American women. What induces? in no way thought heard a black girl say that, A hispanic lady, Nor any white-coloured girls. Doesn make sense at all, you're confident? Is it because in song of the US there are way less Asians than Blacks and Hispanics? Perhaps if this Asian American female lived in Utah all her life, And the fundamental Asian guys she knew were her brother and father, Then it might kind of make sense but it still a crazy broad connections. on the other hand, How can you not know Asians outside of your house these days? Asians are friggin almost! pay a visit to any city, And so you see a Chinatown. You go to some other restaurant and it Asian owned. You can pick up a rock on a beach and you find an Asian or two beneath it.

When an Asian western girl says this, What they are actually admitting is that they are whitewashed by America. what they are actually saying is that Asian guys all look alike! (whoa. It is unable to grow when a white person says this, in case a fellow Asian says this, It a surprise. ) They haven made enough male friends in the Asian community to see different personality types. they see colors: yellow hue, vivid, dunkelhrrutige, brown. They probably watched 90210 growing up with her white girlfriends and actually consider Dylan and Brandon are what a boyfriend should look like. These AA girls fail to realize that they have no resemblance to dating a vietnamese girl Brenda or Kelly.

I heard the practices. They say it may be as they simply were abused by their fathers, And have associated men with negativity. regrettably, I don think every AA woman that says this could very well be abused, So that doesn option to me. Some say this is due to they want to marry up. I don have solution, And honestly I don care if AA girls date/marry white guys. I just think they should stop saying this stupid phrase because it has nothing to do nearly anything, And brings about sound silly. Just say like dating white guys That all there are here. Don fault your poor brotha.

1) I appreciated 90210. this is why? Maybe part of me desired to be part of that white popular cool crowd when i was in graduation. moreover, i realized shannon doherty was hot. And the storylines? its best writing.

2) I never heard of this before from AA women the research. I do be thankful for the honesty from them though and I rather hear it than not. Diplomatic b. s. answer/reason. Where there are many literally no Asians. I been to many: Elma, Rural the different parts of TX, And even lower OR. All whites and no unprivileged.

properly, player in why I don date white is this reason. (approved, my pal and father were angry, violent men, So negative correlation there.) I reckon if I wanted to date a person who looked like me, I you should be gay, heya. I know some great white boys who I really want to date, we do, But functioning too alike, Like associations, And I discover that squicky.

nevertheless it really true, A lot of Asian us citizen girls say this, Many my buddies do. If meant really, strong point, But mainly it code for wish I was white, And Asian men remind me of my children who remind me that I not white. And THAT messed up, And I go along with you calling self loathing and white washing here. (Although it incorrect for all AA chicks who date out.)

1) It engaging that AA women say/think this MORE than AA men do. I brilliant why. AA men get more shit if you are Asian than AA women, generally. So I think AA men would think this way exceeding AA women.

2) I can believe some AA women/men would think them being Asian is ugly or so negative that they go far as to avoid dating any AA altogether this reminds them of being Asian. That is ludicrous. Are they that ashamed as Asian? That so sad that mysteriously, Someway, They have come to the conclusion that being Asian is egregious enough. upsetting.

I still don quite be aware the phenomenon. I wish an Asian American Girl would pipe up and tell us what it features of.

Here a way of thinking: As an Asian American girl who was raised with very few Asians around, They would assimilate and rightfully so, frequently becoming very Americanized. after on, should they eventually meet more Asian Americans, They feel very nervous and ashamed because it reminds them of their culture which they forgot and left behind. They are ashamed that they've lost their ability to speak, And lack a better knowing of their Asian heritage, Culture and etiquette. They just want to leave it all behind and feel better about themselves as they are, So they reject that Asian part of independently. The excuse given by AA females that they can't date Asian men because they remind them of their brother/father is absolute bullshit. It can't make sense at all. Females from no other race make such a lame excuse why they don't like males that belongs to them race. really, The idea of hate for one's own race is a symptom that the person has a psychological dysfunction associated with their identity, Or lack of an identity in such a case. The AA female utilizing this excuse is in complete denial or just lying. She must cut the crap and come clean and just admit the truth; what they hate is Asian character and culture. They hate starting to be Asian.

These AA females have grown up completely brainwashed by white popular culture and the racist attitudes it has against Asians as a class and specifically Asian males. They accept what they're taught by popular culture and they detest and despise the character, start looking, sound, And idea of the Asian male exactly for a similar reasons that white America despises the Asian male. it's so obvious; They grow up never seeing any Asian male in the media in a positive role of any obligation, expertise, or just respectability. In artist, The Asian male is the antagonist, The lie, The arrestable, The weak character that needs to be discarded and ridiculed and killed off early. The only time you see Asian males in the news in when it is related to some story with negative undertones that supports the typical stereotype. Ultimately they presume that beauty, force, admiration, And all the other desirable personality that females want, Are not Asian. which means that, The AA female grows up seeing ultimately accepting these things as true. Aww, that they fit in so bad, To assimilate and be accepted into the white culture in that they are immersed. But every day, Looking in the mirror it is clear that this is not so. But here comes the white male asia phile thus to their rescue. Their white knight is an affirmation that they have finally fit into mainstream culture and have been saved from the evils of the Asian male and of anything involving things Asian. Acceptance has arrived. With their white knight in hand they feel potentially they are mainstream, extremely normal, They can beat the Asian.

thrilled AA females don't date Asian men.

I an Asian American female and i tell you why. For many folks, It not about hating being Asian or hating Asian u s of a's culture. You have to agree there presently exist aspects of traditional Asian culture and modern American culture that are absolutely opposite. My own mother informs me not to date Asian men, especially when he an only child, B/c he will expect me to be the kind of wife and mother HIS mother was. for anyone I love, I am very happy to keep a nice home, Make dinners, stop smoking,give up. But I am not submissive and I be a sex kitten only when I want to be. easily we not all by our fathers and brothers, But we don have equal as well. my sister had no curfew, Unlimited extra cash, And new cars because he was the boy who would carry on everyone name. I had to work hard in school and get high gpa's, Not so that I could be really good and do what I wanted to do, But so that I could find a good husband at my top tier college. My parents distressed me from going for my PhD because a lot of men, quite Asian men, Don want wives who are THAT well qualified. We have to be pretty and delicate, But not really that we attract men attention. I been told that I very reasonable and above average in looks. I don look stereotypically wok cookware, As in I don have squinty eyes and I 5 I have NEVER been asked out by an Asian guy in my life and my close Asian guy friends say it because I simply too a little overwhelming to them. My close white guy friends say that they like that I happy being Asian and feminine and I not trying to sector them like they feel other white American girls are. and thus, Asian women find it weird which everybody thinks we trying to be white. Asian beauty tradition for thousands of years has thought of clear white skin as the healthiest, Without scare tissue that will age our skin and make us look older than our years. White American women otherwise, Are always seeking to be tan and brown, Which is a sign of working in the fields and doing hard physical work, commonly being lower class. Having white skin is not to do with wanting to be American. The equivalent Chinese insult for being refers more to not taking care of yourself, Not looking developed, Being raw, Not being informed about modern society, Not having the looks to socialize well with people. What we dislike about Asian men is that they brought up to think that being manly is to put down women, To be in charge of their women. So when they feel threatened by us, Or by the white kind of men, They just go even further down that route and become even less irresistible to us. benefit, Now male style in Asia is so androgynous, I find it completely unappealing that a guy would take more time on his skin and hair than I would.

Heh, So I re read my post and realized I didn make this part as clear as I would. I would absolutely prefer to marry an Asian guy because he would learn how I got to be who I am, My Asian upbringing obviously played a big part in that. for more than 30 years, My mother has a complicated degree, and made more than my father at times in her career. That did cause a lot of problems in their marriage that affects my standpoint. But I would hope that I would choose the best guy that wouldn be like that, And respect my ambitions and know that I wouldn lose my family for that. The Caucasian guys I date have never worked out as these simply don understand the Asian concepts of family and history and traditions. It a lot deeper than a mashed potatoes recipe at thanksgiving. then again, asian kitchenware guys don ask me out, So I want they not giving ME a chance! Their mothers are telling them that I not suitable!

have a look at SAMs! even if you don ask, You don receive!

appreciate writing Risa. That very topical. We have written before on this website that SAMs can be too passive about asking women out. A lot of Asian American guys don have the aggressive spirit to ask girls out, in particular when they are beautiful like I think you probably are. Such a big negligence. The fact that you have got not been asked out by an Asian guy is proof that you hot.

There are some inept traditional SAMs who feel they have to dominate the relationship, But most modern AA guys have a more cooperative mindset. In my romantic, We never compete since it doesn comprehend. My wife successes are my success, And the opposite way round. I want to be a stay home dad if I could.

Culture undoubtedly so important for me, as well,actually. It nice when your ex just it without explanation. We can share certain incidents like a cherry blossom viewing or a Japanese drama, Or traditional cuisine without distress.

but nevertheless, Risa, My suggestion for you is to essentially ask some SAMs out yourself. It strong, But I don know how long it will need SAMs to evolve into confident guys.

sure, We covered that a few facts: AA groups love to party in huge groups. I always avoided them since they tend to cause a lot of issues. once there is inter dating, each one of factions form, unearth backstabbing, And it gets too breathtaking for me. I tend to find girls away from that pool.

at times, We revealed friends cockblocking. I think that what going on in your needs. Asian women can be very territorial, when it not their man! (I think they are saving them for a rainy day.) If they were real friends, They try to hook you up will stay become happy. Are there lots of Asians in your area, Risa?

Heh, I used my real name and there not many of me so I destined to be vague! I had a friend google once and he found a lot of japanese models. my home is the metro area, And a big part of the asian human population is probably students from the three main universities here. there are other Asians out in the burbs I sure. my parents don believe me, But I haven found a single real Chinese restaurant that actually in town. About 15 exits away there a sort of K town as there is a large Vietnamese population too. So yes indeed, They remain but hiding or too far away! The SAM i did previously must be a small subset, Engineering and computer science grad students still acting like college kids etc,or anything else. That certainly not all my experience but it tiring to think about dealing with being too Asian or not Asian enough routinely checked usual guy/girl stuff. I glad that my observations aren totally off base though. Most of my college friends are not Asian so I don have that persons I can gripe to and get a sanity check. Asian moms nut me out too. individuals a lot for their sons. Fair your homework. Here my return. can't date Asian women because they remind me of my sister jk, But really as an AA male I do have a thing for non Asian girls since I was a little kid in grade school. As a matter of fact I turned down Asian girls because I into white girls and latinas and that why till this day I am a SAM.

I guess to each their own and people do have their preferences but to say that Asian women prefer dating white men is an exaggeration. I think the basic fact is to Asian women, Asian men resemble their dads too much so those of you who knows what I posting about will understand the reasoning behind it, beside the brainwashing by the media of course. In my eyes Asian women are very weak minded to be enthused like that.

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