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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.

In Boolean algebra, the OR operation is performed by __ properties

All of the options

Which of the following represents DeMorgan’s theorem?

(AB)’ = A’ + B’

A Karnaugh map (K-map) is an abstract form of ____ diagram organized as a matrix of squares.


A product term containing all K variables of the function in either complemented or uncomplemented form is called a ___.


Canonical form is a unique way of representing___

Boolean expressions

A full adder logic circuit has __.

Three inputs and two outputs

Exclusive-OR (XOR) logic gates can be constructed from which of the following logic gates?

AND gates, OR gates, and NOT gates

The ___ function can be used to enable.


Boolean algebra is also called ___

Switching algebra

First operator precedence for evaluating Boolean expressions is __

( )

In a __ counter all the Flip-flops will change states simultaneously


Any Boolean function can be represented in a

Truth table

In D flip-flop, if clock input is LOW, the D input

Goes high

Which of the following expression depicts complement of the expression A’B + CD’ ?

(A + B’)(C’ + D)

The Octal to binary conversion of 248 = ?


A Boolean function is said to be in a ___ form if a sum-of-products expression or a product-of-sums expression has at least one term that is NOT a minterm or a maxterms respectively


Odd parity of word can be conveniently tested by _ gate.


The code where all successive numbers differ from their preceding number by single bit is _.

Excess 3

__ circuit is generated from D flip-flop due to the addition of an inverter by causing reduction in the number of inputs.

Gated D-latch

How many types of sequential circuits do we have?


In a NAND based S’-R’ latch, if S’=1 and R’=1 then the state of the latch is:

No change

Boolean algebra is an algebraic structure with ___ arithmetic operations


__ is an odd function


X+0=0+x =x is an example of _ property


Which of the following is not one of the arithmetic operations of Boolean algebra?


Which of the following logic families has the shortest propagation delay?


A Boolean function can be converted from algebraic expressions to a product of maxterms by using __

Canonical Conversion Method

LED seven-segment display uses seven individual -----------

Light emitting diodes

Which of the following combinational circuits is renowned for selecting a single input from multiple inputs and directing the binary information to output line?

Data Selector

Minterms are also referred to as Standard ____


The gates required to build a half adder are __.

EX-OR gate and AND gate

A universal logic gate is one which can be used to generate any logic function. Which of the following is a universal logic gate?


The difference between half adder and full adder is that

Half adder has two inputs while full adder has three inputs

____ is the process involved in recording music or any audio in a recorder.


A variable on its own or in its complemented form is known as a ____


Using the transformation method you can realize any POS realization of OR-AND with only __

Code is a symbolic representation of ____ information.

A three-digit decimal number requires __ number of bits for representation in the conventional BCD format.

An encoder can be a transducer. TRUE or FALSE?

The process of representing numbers, letters or words by a special group of symbols is called ___

The bistable element has __ symmetrical nodes

The action of clearing a Flip-Flop is also called __.

To perform product of maxterms, Boolean function must be brought into __ terms.

A Boolean function may be transformed into ___ diagram

Boolean algebra is defined as a set of Two __

A helpful illustration used to visualize relationships among variables of Boolean expression is __ diagram

NAND is a complement of ___

Inverter circuit inverts logic sense of ___ variable

+ symbol represents __ operation

Truth table is way of expressing ____ function

Symbol representing AND operation is ___

In the equation a*b=c, * is the binary ___

Complement of function F is written as __

The D flip-flop has ___ input.

The truth table for an S-R flip-flop has how many VALID entries?

(X')' is a ___ complement

In D flip-flop, D stands for __

The D flip-flop has how many output?.

In __ systems, the outputs of logic circuits can change state any time that one or more of the inputs change.

At every active edge of the clock, the _ flip-flop will load in a new value.

The characteristic of J-K flip-flop is similar to ___ flip-flop

NOR is a complement of

It is not possible to find two algebraic expressions that specify same function? TRUE or FALSE?

An encoder can be referred to as multiplexer. TRUE or FALSE?

A J-K flip-flop is said to have ___, if J=1, K=1.

Boolean algebra is collection of objects having __ properties.

According to Boolean algebra Involution law, (Y')' = __

In parts of the processor, ___are used to calculate Addresses, Table indices, and increment or decrement operators

___ subtractor is used to perform subtraction of 3 bits

A single ___ can be used to build the ‘NOT’ digital logic gates


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