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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.

Question: Which of the following best describes the latin word confliqere

Answer:to strike together

Question: Which of these is not an expected outcome of an adversanal or conflictual relationship

Answer:None of the above

Question: The first person to develop insight into the beneficial consequences of cooperation as a subject of academic enquiry was


Question: Galtung 199670 71 delineates conflict into two flip sides

Answer:Scarce incompatible goals

Question: Since the end of Cold war the most destructive and pervasive conflicts in Africa

Answer:Ethnic conflict

Question: The article titled A theory of cooperation and competition was written in


Question: The book titled The Resolution of Conflict was written in


Question: proposed 1962 model of Graduated Initiatives in Tension Reduction GRIT


Question: The authors of 1981 book Getting to Yes were Fisher and


Question: Which theory describe a situation when two parties or actors pursue the same scarce goal

Answer:Dispute theory

Question: Which scholar theorises that there can be destructive conflict among states based on systemic level societal level and individual level sources of international conflict


Question: is the proponent of frustration aggression theory


Question: Which of the following is NOT conflict handling sytle


Question: Which of the following is NOT a feature of conflict avoidance


Question: Which of the following is not an ingredient of value


Question: Conflict transformation is concerned primarily with changing and perception


Question: is a powerful tool for dealing with the perceptions and feelings that fuel conflict


Question: conflicts occur because of the presence of strong negative misperceptions


Question: What tool of conflict analysis takes into consideration factors that related to attitude behaviour and context of each of parties in the conflict

Answer:ABC Triangle

Question: Conflicts occur when people lack information necessary to make wise decisions


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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.

Question: Direct terminal violence against self can be described as


Question: Conflicts are caused by competition over perceived incompatible norms


Question: is one of the substantive issues in interest based conflict


Question: is a psychological issue in interst based conflict


Question: conflicts are caused by forces external to the people in dispute


Question: conflict are caused by perceived or actual incompatible belief system


Question: Which track of Multi Track diplomacy refers to non governmental organisation

Answer:Track 2

Question: UNDP belongs to which category of organisation


Question: In handling style people tend to withdraw in order to avoid conflicts


Question: According to Friedrich is one of the stages of conflict escalation


Question: NAME

Answer:A: Dollard

Question: Which of the following is not included in the nine stages of conflict escalation according to Friedrich Glasl


Question: Escalating conflicts are dangerous because of the following reasons except

Answer:conflicts can lead to Third World War

Question: some identifiable causes of conflict include the following except

Answer:value indifference

Question: Which of the following is not included as essential forms of conflict behaviour as presented by Roger Fisher and William Ury

Answer:satisfactory negotiation

Question: Which of the following is not a main advantage of arbitration over the law courts

Answer:Experienced arbitrators are readily available

Question: Which one of the following is not included in the different approaches to handling conflict


Question: Mediation in protracted conflicts is a useful approach under the following conditions except

Answer:Where parties remain implacble

Question: Daniel Druckman offers the following suggestions for making research relevant to Practitioners except

Answer:include computer programming

Question: According to Michael E Salla on the evolution of conflict resolution as a field of academic study is one of the following except

Answer:C: both new and ancient

Question: Which of the following is not one of the suggested guidelines for the early stages of resolving conflict as contained in William Willimons Handbook of Practical Theology

Answer:B: Obtain the room temperature of the venue

Question: The following are the strategies to keep anger at bay except


Question: Who among the following scholars have not contributed to the theory and practice of Interactive Conflict Resolution ICR

Answer:Adam Curle

Question: The following are components of Attitudes except

Answer:Moral Intention

Question: Which of the following is the most widely acclaimed nationality in Brainwashing


Question: Which of the following is the correct order in the conflict progression cycle

Answer: conflict emerges manifests escalates deescalates and terminates

Question: Which of the following country is belief to be involved in using government to control the mind


Question: Parties in a conflict in terms of involvement can be categorized into the following except

Answer:Opposition parties

Question: Which of the following represent the basis for the whole idea of mind control


Question: According to C Sampsons classification of religious intervention which of the following is not included in the roles


Question: According the perspective of Social psychology conflict is driven by which of these actions

Answer:peoples collective fears and needs

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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.
Question: Q1 The use of physical or emotional force, authority or pressure to obliged or constrain someone to act in a desired way can be referred to as what?

Answer: Compelling

Question: Q2 The outbreak of Maitasini riots in Kano in 1980 and 1987 Kafanchan crisis in Kaduna state were examples of ........... Conflict

Answer: Religious

Question: Q3 The following are steps to emotional preparedness except ______ Pick the incorrect option.

Answer: Readiness

Question: Q4 The disagreements arising as a result of differences in faith and belief between individuals, groups or community is called............?

Answer: Religious conflict

Question: Q5 The acronym VAT means ___________ in peace studies

Answer: Verbal Aggressive Theory

Question: Q6 Stages of conflict comprises of the following

Answer: Latent/formation stage/ Escalation/de-escalation stage

Question: Q7 People usually find it difficult having or building trust in other because they might have been at one time or the other

Answer: Emotionally Abuse

Question: Q8 Nigerian society is made up of the following heterogeneous characteristics of a plural society

Answer: Multi-religious, Multi-linguistic and Multi ethnic

Question: Q9 Mediation process is made up of the following stages except one. Identify the wrong option.

Answer: Seeking the service of a lawyer

Question: Q10 What is referred to as historical theory or concept that rejects war as a means of settling a dispute?

Answer: Pacifism

Question: Q11 In which of the following Universities does Gerald M. Blair work

Answer: University of Edinburg

Question: Q12 Identify the option that is not part of the merits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Answer: It breaks relationship

Question: Q13 How many suggestions did Daniel Druckman offered for making research relevant?

Answer: 3

Question: Q14 Escalation of violence is often described as a

Answer: Security Dilemma

Question: Q15 Communication is a function of ............?

Answer: Values, perception and communication style

Question: Q16 An emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage is referred to as

Answer: Anger

Question: Q17 A situation whereby the destruction, dissolution and confrontation ensued and hostile system is pursued intensively as a goal is called _______

Answer: Dissipation

Question: Q18 . is a technique used to represent a conflict graphically, placing the parties in relation both to the problems and to each other

Answer: Conflict Mapping

Question: Q19 does not only mean absence of conflict, crisis or war but also presence of justice, equity and social stability

Answer: Peace

Question: Q20 _________ a Quaker conciliator

Answer: Adam Curle

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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.
Question: Q21 The theoretical insight propounded by advocates of conflict resolution that the Nuclear Arms Race could be diminished is known as _____

Answer: Game theory

Question: Q22 The International Court of Justice was established in __________ by the UN Charter

Answer: 1945

Question: Q23 The following are stages in group development except one. Pick the incorrect option.

Answer: Supporting, storming and forming

Question: Q24 The concept of empowerment and recognition is associated with .............

Answer: Transformative facilitation

Question: Q25 The ABC triangle in conflict resolution means

Answer: Attitude Behaviour and Content

Question: Q26 Social justice pursues social conduct based on the following premise except one. Pick the odd option

Answer: Impartiality, Equity and Fairness/just

Question: Q27 Pacifism means do not settle the conflict with .............

Answer: Violence

Question: Q28 Negotiation as complex communication among multiple parties is a form of approach by

Answer: Organization theorists

Question: Q29 Louis Diamond and Ambassador John Mc Donald propounded _____

Answer: MultiTrack diplomacy

Question: Q30 An act of pursuing a social conduct based on justice, impartiality, legitimacy, equity and fairness in awarding what is due is called ------

Answer: Social Justice

Question: Q31 In what year were Churches in Zambia cooperated to monitor elections?

Answer: 1991

Question: Q32 Identify the nexus between Burton and Fisher and William Ury..?s models of conflict resolution

Answer: cooperative conflict behavior

Question: Q33 How can mutual expectation of conflict parties when targeting power be prevented?

Answer: Greater coercion

Question: Q34 Courts have the primary leverage of ________

Answer: Readily available

Question: Q35 Civilian oversight and legislative control of defence matters is a fact of ......... of the re-educating program and military professional

Answer: Fourth principle

Question: Q36 An effective conflict resolution process comprises three major approaches to decision making namely _____, ______ and ______

Answer: Affective approach, Cognitive approach, Evaluation approach

Question: Q37 A mental predisposition to act that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favour or disfavour is referred to as _____.

Answer: Attitude

Question: Q38 .......? is an act of sending and receiving information and giving feedback

Answer: Communication

Question: Q39 ......With formal mandate, and upon the invitation of the disputing parties, hears the issues in the conflict and discusses them with each side in a formal legal setting? is description of arbitration by ...........

Answer: Albert

Question: Q40 Normative and ______ are the two types of socio-psychological processes that contribute to conflict escalation

Answer: Perceptual

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Mathew Oluwaseun
University of Ilorin (Unilorin)
Mechanical Engineering
500Level, Nigeria.
Question: Q41 In what year did the National Center for Children Exposed to Violence formed a Regional Resource Group

Answer: 1991

Question: Q42 Identify the conflict resolution methods

Answer: Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Question: Q43 Feminism is global struggle aimed at addressing the oppression of ........ and create gender ............

Answer: Women,inequality

Question: Q44 Conflict de-escalator does not include

Answer: Self esteem

Question: Q45 Choose among the following options the one that is not part of active listening techniques

Answer: Confessing

Question: Q46 African traditional approaches to conflict prevention management and resolution consist of the following?

Answer: Blood covenant/ Message/information, Oath taking/use of marriage

Question: Q47 .......... is a pacific mechanism in the management of conflict

Answer: Arbitration

Question: Q48 ....... attempts to combine conflict progression with different strategies management and prevention?

Answer: Michael Lund

Question: Q49 ....Extermination of the opponent at the price of self-extermination is seen as accepted can be classified as -----

Answer: Together into the abyss

Question: Q50 What is a bed - fellow of mind control?

Answer: Timing

Question: Q51 The highest body of the UN when it comes to decision on peace and security is -------

Answer: Security Council

Question: Q52 The International Court of Justice (ICJ) was established in ------ by the UN Charter.

Answer: 1945

Question: Q53 Who defines mediation as " a process of conflict management, related to but distint from the parties' own negotiation

Answer: Bercovitch

Question: Q54 The -------- frameworks in negotiation are useful for drawing together experimental data into a more comprehensive, unified view

Answer: theoretical

Question: Q55 The international relations model stresses the place of -------- preparation in shaping the course of subsequent negotiation

Answer: prenegotiation

Question: Q56 Something which causes a conflict to get more intense, more quickly is called conflict -------

Answer: escalator

Question: Q57 All these are stages of conflict escalation except --------

Answer: retreat

Question: Q58 Friedrich Glasl defines nine stages of conflict escalation to describe the dynamics of escalation

Answer: Friedrich Glasl

Question: Q59 Escalating conflicts are also dangerous because they can get out ------

Answer: control

Question: Q60 Who attributes a spiral of violence to the logic of contentious interaction

Answer: Kriesberg

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