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Adelani Temiloluwa
School Of Nursing Ondo
Nursing Student
300Level, Nigeria.

◼️ Surgery (Medical Vocabulary)

Target Words
1. anesthesia
2. augment
3. certifiably
4. complication
5. cure
6. implant
7. inject
8. obese
9. procedure
10. scar

◼️ 1. anesthesia n. Techniques for reducing sensation and feeling,especially to control pain The Civil War was the first American war when anesthesia was widely used in surgery on soldiers. Usage tips Anesthesia and anesthetic are often used interchangeably. Parts of speech anesthetic n, adj

◼️2. augment v. To make bigger or better by adding to In some types of popular cosmetic surgery people augment parts of their bodies. The college augmented its course offerings because students complained that there were too few choices.

◼️3. certifiably adv. In a manner that is officially recognized He couldn’t be institutionalized until he was declared certifiably insane. Parts of speech certify v, certification n, certificate n, certifiable adj

◼️4. complication n. A factor that makes something more difficult or complex The surgeons could not easily stop the bleeding because of complications related to the patient’s diabetes. Parts of speech complicate v

◼️5. cure v. To restore to health They say laughter can help cure many illnesses. Parts of speech cure n

◼️6. implant v. To set in firmly; to insert in the body surgically The actress had cheek implants to make her face look fuller. Parts of speech implantation n

◼️7. inject v. To insert a liquid by means of a syringe The doctor used a needle to inject the medicine slowly into her arm. Parts of speech injection n

◼️8. obese adj. Excessively overweight More Americans are obese now because U.S. culture encourages overeating and discourages exercise. Parts of speech obesity n

◼️9. procedure n. A specific way of performing or doing something The flight attendant explained the emergency evacuation procedure. Parts of speech proceed v, procedural adj

◼️10. scar n. A mark on the skin left after a wound has healed;a lasting sign of damage, either mental or physical The surgery was successful, but it left a large scar across her abdomen. Parts of speech scar v

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Adelani Temiloluwa
School Of Nursing Ondo
Nursing Student
300Level, Nigeria.

Target Words

1. assimilate
2. cremation
3. domesticate
4. folklore
5. fossilize
6. relic
7. rite
8. ritually
9. saga
10. vestige
Definitions and Samples

◼️1. assimilate v. To consume and incorporate; to become similar Not all of the overseas students could assimilate into the rigidly controlled school. Usage tips Assimilate is often followed by into. Parts of speech assimilation n

◼️2. cremation n. The act of burning the dead Cremation is particularly common in Japan, where land for burial is very limited. Parts of speech cremate v

◼️3. domesticate v. To make something suitable for being in a home The Barnes family hoped to domesticate the tiger, but their neighbors were skeptical.
Usage tips The object of domesticate is usually a plant or animal. Parts of speech domestic adj

◼️4. folklore n. Traditional myths of a people transmitted orally Through folklore, archaeologists have learned about the migration of Native Americans in North America. Parts of speech folkloric adj

◼️5. fossilize v. To become preserved in clay or stone or ash after death, so that a natural record is left of the original organism; to become rigid and stuck in old ways The dinosaur eggs had fossilized over thousands of years. Parts of speech fossilization n, fossil n

◼️6. relic n. Something left from a long-ago culture,time period,or person Relics of the war can still be found in the sand dunes along this shore.

◼️7. rite n. A ceremony meant to achieve a certain purpose Many cultures have fertility rites that supposedly make it more likely for women to bear children.

◼️8. ritually adv. As part of a traditional ceremony or habit The children ritually kissed their parents on the cheek before bed. Parts of speech ritual n, ritual adj

9. saga n. A long story about important events long ago Many American families tell sagas about their ancestors’ arrival in the United States.

◼️10. vestige n. A visible trace that something once existed The wilted flowers were the only vestige of their romantic weekend.

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Adelani Temiloluwa
School Of Nursing Ondo
Nursing Student
300Level, Nigeria.

Social Inequality
Target Words

1. amend
2. biased
3. burden
4. counter
5. de facto
6. discriminate
7. notion
8. oppress
9. paradigm
10. prejudiced

Definitions and Samples
⚫️1. amend v. To change for the better 15 The residents voted to amend their neighborhood policy on fences. Parts of speech amendment n

⚫️2. biased adj. Leaning unfairly in one direction Her newspaper article was criticized for being heavily biased toward the mayor’s proposal. Parts of speech bias n

⚫️3. burden n. Something that is carried; a source of stress or worry The donkey walked slowly under the burden of its heavy load. The failing company faced the burden of bad debts and a poor reputation. Parts of speech burden v

⚫️4. counter v. To act in opposition to; to offer in response The hockey player countered the punch with a smashing blow from his hockey stick. Jane countered every accusation with a specific example of her achievements. Parts of speech counter n, counter adj

⚫️5. de facto adj. Truly doing a job, even if not officially Popular support established the Citizens Party as the de facto government. Parts of speech de facto adv

⚫️6. discriminate To choose carefully among options The governor wisely discriminated between urgent issues and those that could wait. Parts of speech discriminatory adj, discriminate adj

⚫️7. notion n. A belief; a fanciful impulse The notion that older office equipment is unreliable is inaccurate. One morning, she suddenly took the notion to paint her kitchen red. Usage tips Notion can be followed by a that clause or a to phrase.

⚫️8. oppress v. To keep down by force; to weigh heavily on Factory management oppressed workers through intimidation. Parts of speech oppression n

⚫️9. paradigm n. A pattern or model; a set of assumptions The usual paradigm for economic growth in developed countries does not apply to some poor nations. Usage tips Paradigm is often followed by for.

⚫️10. prejudiced adj. Causing to judge prematurely and unfairly Many consumers are prejudiced against commercial goods made in third-world countries. Parts of speech prejudice v, prejudice n

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