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Junior Taamas
, Nigeria.
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1. Four of the top seven highest grossing films of
all time were released in 2015. Avengers: Age
of Ultron, Furious 7 , Jurassic World and Star
Wars: The Force Awakens .

2. Four Nile crocodiles have been found in
Florida. They are the second largest crocodile
and are more dangerous than the native
crocodiles and alligators in Florida.

3. Julius Caesar’s only son, Caesarion, was the last
Pharaoh of Egypt. Even though Cleopatra
swears he is Caesar’s son, Caesar never
officially acknowledged him.

4. The quietest room in the world in Minnesota is
measured in negative decibels – so quiet that
you can hear your own heartbeat and your
bones moving.

5. “Tsundoku” is a Japanese word for the habit of
buying too many books, letting them pile up in
your house, and never reading them.

6. The Guinness World Record for the time
longest spend searching for the Loch Ness
Monster, is held by Steve Feltham who camped
at Loch Ness for 25 years.

7. Brain fibers lose 10% of their total length
every decade. They can shrink even more so
under acute stress.

8. Chewing gum boosts mental proficiency and is
considered a better test aid than caffeine – but
nobody knows why.

9. Per capita, the happiest countries in the world
also rank highest in terms of consumers of

10. Even though Irish is the official language of
Ireland, Polish is more widely spoken.

11. There’s a bar in Yukon that serves a “Sourtoe
cocktail”. It consists of a shot of whisky with a
human toe floating in the glass. An estimated
60,000 people have had it.

12. The Stockholm archipelago has more islands
than the Pacific Ocean at around 30,000.

13. Pope Francis has been given many extravagant
gifts over the years, and one of them was a
Harley-Davidson motorcycle. However, rather
than keeping it for his own pleasure and
adventures, he sold it off and used the money
to benefit homeless people.

14. In Japan, Domino’s started testing pizza
delivery via reindeer in 2016.

15. The motto on the United Kingdom’s Royal Coat
of Arms is in French. The motto is “Dieu et
mon droit”, which means “God and my right”.

16. The average household income of the top 1%
in the United States is $1,260,508 per year.

17. Disney sold the streaming right for the original
Star Wars films in 2016 to Turner until 2024.
Disney has since decided to start a streaming
service and has tried asking for the rights
back, but Turner refuses every time.

18. Gaming-related accidents increased by 26.5%
during the first 5 months of Pokémon Go being
released. This included 2 deaths and $25.5
million in damages.

19. Helen Keller was related to Robert E. Lee. Her
paternal grandmother was second cousins with

20. During the 1908 Olympics in London, the
Russians showed up 12 days late due to the
fact that they were using the Julian calendar
instead of the Gregorian calendar.

21. Non-violent attempts to escape Mexican
prisons are not punished because “it’s human
nature to want freedom”.

22. The line, “Born and raised in South Detroit” in
Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” actually refers
to Canada, not Michigan.

23. On one slow news day on April 18 th, 1930, a
BBC radio announcer blatantly said “there is no

24. If you cut a starfish, it won’t bleed – it doesn’t
have blood! Rather, they circulate nutrients by
using seawater in their vascular system.

25. 12% of the world’s total languages is found in
Papua New Guinea, which has over 820
indigenous languages. There are more
languages on this island than any other

26. The hottest temperature ever recorded in
Washington state was at Ice Harbor Dam at
118 °F (47.8 °C) on August 5, 1961.

27. In efforts to undercut the Dreamcast’s sales of
the upcoming SEGA release, Sony announced
the PlayStation 2 and exaggerated its
performance capabilities.

28. Nepal has the most mathematical flag in the
world. It even has an article in its constitution
that details the steps of drawing the flag.

29. Mount Rushmore cost less than one million
dollars to construct. It took 14 years to build
– from 1927 to 1941, and took 400 workers.

30. Samsung means “three stars” in Korean. This
was chosen by the founder because he wanted
the company to be powerful and everlasting
like stars in the sky.

31. On average, 46.1% of Americans have less than
$10,000 in assets when they die.

32. While shedding, geckos will eat their skin in
order to prevent predators from finding and
eating them more easily.

33. Bees actually have knees. The expression
comes from the fact that they store large build
ups of pollen in hairy baskets on their knees.

34. Between North and South Korea lies 155 miles
of no man’s land where hundreds of rare
animals species thrive.

35. While watching a Merry-Go-Round from a
bench in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Walt
Disney was struck with inspiration for the
creation of Disneyland.

36. There is a Scottish tartan designed for Mars
exploration. It was officially registered in 2016
to be worn during Mars science, exploration
and outreach activities.

37. Santa Claus was issued a pilot’s license from
the U.S. government in 1927. They also gave
him airway maps and promised to keep the
runway lights on.

38. When you exercise, the burned fat metabolizes
to become carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
Meaning: you exhale the fat that you lose.

39. The word “velociraptor” comes from the Latin
words “velox” which means swift, and “raptor”
which means robber. Literally – speedy

40. The largest stadium in the world is the
Rungrado 1 st of May Stadium in North Korea.
It can hold up to 114,000 spectators. It covers
51 acres and is 197 feet tall.

41. Polar bears often hunt walruses by simply
charging at a group of them and eating the
ones that were crushed or wounded in the
mass panic to escape. Direct attacks are rare.

42. The group of spikes at the end of stegosaurid
tails are called the “thagomizer”. They had no
distinct name until the term was coined in
1982 by a cartoonist.

43. There is a correlation between pulling an all-
nighter and snapping out of depression. This is
because the brain gets more active the longer
it goes without sleep.

44. Adult cats only meow at humans, not other
cats. Kittens meow to their mother but once
they get a little older, cats no longer meow to
other cats.

45. When shuffling a deck of cards, the number of
possible arrangements is approximately
8×1067. That’s more than the number of stars
in the observable universe.

46. There is a United Arab Emirates’ territory
inside an Oman’s territory that itself is inside
the United Arab Emirates country. It is called
Madha village.

47. Disappointment Island is an uninhabited island
in New Zealand. Over 65,000 pairs of white-
capped albatross live there. In 1868, a steel
tanker crashed on the island which killed 68
people, leaving the 15 survivors waiting 18
months to be rescued. In 1907, another ship
ended up crashing there and 12 men drowned.

48. During the entire run of Gilligan’s Island , it
was never revealed if “Gilligan” was his first or
last name.

49. When Jorge Garcia first got the part on LOST
as Hurley, he lost a total of 30 pounds in
weight before filming started.

50. Videogames have been found to be more
effective at battling depression than therapy.


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