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Junior Taamas
, Nigeria.
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1. The world’s first motel is in San Luis Obispo.
Built in 1925. When opened, it cost $1.25 for
a two-room bungalow with a kitchen and a
private adjoining garage.

2. Scotland was one of the few countries able to
hold off being conquered by the Romans in the
first century A.D.

3. I Will Always Love You was originally written
and recorded in 1973 by Dolly Parton. It was
written as a farewell to her mentor of seven

4. “Opposites attract” is a common myth. People
are actually attracted to people who look like
family members, or those with a similar
personality type.

5. Llamas can be used as guards against coyote
attacks on sheep herds. Studies have proven
that just one guard llama is an effective
protector and can even kill the attacking

6. The unique smell of rain actually comes from
plant oils, bacteria, and ozone.

7. Vanilla flavoring is sometimes made with the
urine of beavers.

8. If you heat up a magnet, it will lose its

9. The most expensive virtual object is “Club
NEVERDIE” in the Entropia Universe which is
worth $635,000. It was originally bought at

10. Cruise ships have morgues that can store up to
10 bodies at once. The average amount of
people that die on cruise ships per year is

11. Birds are the closest living relatives of
crocodilians, as well as the descendants of
extinct dinosaurs with feathers. This makes
them the only surviving dinosaurs.

12. Small as they may be, ladybugs have a unique
smell that humans are incredibly sensitive to.

13. During WWII, a U.S. naval destroyer won a
battle against a Japanese submarine by
throwing potatoes at them. The Japanese
thought they were grenades.

14. The Marshal Mathers foundation for at-risk and
disadvantaged youth, was founded by Eminem.

15. A man with severe OCD and a phobia of germs
attempted to commit suicide with a gun to his
head. Instead of killing him, the bullet
eliminated his mental illness without any other

16. Since 1955, 50% of the population of Niger is
consistently under 16 years old. The total
current population is 21,600,000.

17. The author of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sarah
Josepha Hale, is most responsible for the
creation of Thanksgiving being a national

18. The oldest unopened bottle of wine was found
in a Roman tomb that is over 1,650 years old.

19. Chicken Run is the highest-grossing stop
motion animated film, even beating The
Nightmare Before Christmas.

20. Nobody knows how the Academy Awards came
to be referred to as the Oscars. The earliest
mention was 1932, and was made official in

21. More tornadoes occur in the United Kingdom
per square mile than any other country in the

22. Owners of personalized license plates in
Uganda are facing a tax increase of over 300%,
which will raise the tax from $1,498 to

23. Popularized by the Shakespeare play, many
people think Julius Caesar’s last words were
“And you, Brutus?” In reality, he said “You too,
my child?”

24. Times Square was originally called Longacre
square until it was renamed in 1904 after The
New York Times moved its headquarters to the
newly built Times Building.

25. Daniel Craig was an anonymous Storm Trooper
in Star Wars: The Force Awakens . Originally, he
denied his cameo and claimed he wouldn’t
bother being an extra in a movie.

26. Queen Elizabeth has a personal net worth of
425 million dollars. That includes the $65
million Sandringham House and $140 million
Balmoral Castle.

27. Although there is currently no drug proven to
make someone tell the truth, some countries
like Russia, Canada, and India use truth

28. Only primates, humans, and opossums have
opposable thumbs. Out of these, the opossum
is the only one with no thumbnail.

29. One of the World Trade Center’s was built to
be 1,776 feet tall on purpose to reference the
year the Declaration of Independence was

30. The word “kimono”, literally means a “thing to
wear”. Ki is “wear”, and mono is “thing”.

31. There is a statue of Tesla in Silicon Valley that
radiates free Wi-Fi. It was done as an homage
to his vision for wireless communication.

32. It snows metal on planet Venus! There are two
types that have been found, galena and

33. Tic Tacs got their name from the sound they
make when they are tossed around in their

34. Only official members of a federally accepted
Native American tribes may legally possess or
collect eagle feathers. If a normal citizen has
one, it is illegal.

35. By the time they have been retired for 2 years,
78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt
or are under financial stress because of
joblessness or divorce.

36. 500 seeds of 5 different types of seeds were
taken into orbit around the moon, and later
planted around the U.S. as well as a few
countries. They were called Moon Trees.

37. In order to protest the high tariffs enforced by
a U.K. censorship board, a filmmaker sent in a
10 hour “movie” of white paint drying. They
had to watch the entire film.

38. The popular LMFAO group who created the
viral hit, Party Rock Anthem, is made up of an
uncle-nephew duo.

39. 50% of apartments in Los Angeles don’t come
with a fridge. This is legal, as fridges are
considered an “amenity”, and therefore
landlords are not required to provide one.

40. Norway has a 25 year statute of limitation on
murder. This means if the murder happened
more than 25 years ago, they cannot be

41. Several of the facts on Snapple caps have been
found to be outdated, incorrect or

42. Both of the drummers from Queen and Duran
Duran had the same name – Roger Taylor.

43. There is a company in the U.K. that offers
“being hungover” as a valid reason for calling
off work. They are allotted four hungover days
per year.

44. The majority of blind people in the U.S. and
the U.K. cannot read braille. Statistically, less
than 1% of blind in the U.K., and under 10%
in the U.S.

45. It’s not just humans who are right or left-
handed. Most female cats prefer using their
right paw and males are more likely to be left-

46. Over 290 people have died climbing Mount
Everest since 1922. Most deaths occur because
of avalanches, and not all bodies have been

47. There are only two countries in the world that
have the color purple in their flags: Nicaragua
and Dominica.

48. A bolt of lightning can reach 53,540 degrees
Fahrenheit. That’s 5 times hotter than the
surface of the sun, which is 10,340 degrees

49. There is a village in Russia called Tsovkra
where every resident can tightrope walk. It is a
tradition that dates back over 100 years but no
one knows how it started.

50. When Shakira was in second grade, she was
rejected for the school choir because her
vibrato was too strong. The music teacher told
her that she sounded like a goat.


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