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Osorhor Ogenevwegba Michael
Delta state polytechnic otefe oghara ( DESPO )
Graduate, Nigeria.
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All the same, how many amazing secrets are hidden in the Zodiac! Each sign has its own characteristics! Thank you so much! Now I will know much more about my zodiac sign!

Our birth card is a mandala, a reflection of who we are at soul level, and in addition, the Universe is reflected in it. This is a picture of heaven, frozen in time at the time of our birth. Each solar zodiac sign is the face of our God-Father-Mother and conveys certain properties, qualities and powers. We offer you short “spiritual instructions” for each solar sign to help you on your way to self-awareness.


Aries is a fire sign, and therefore gives you a positive nature, full of enthusiasm. He gives you the courage to move forward into unknown territories while you are trying to benefit from your originality, building a new, more positive and balanced personality.

You should listen to your own leadership, but be careful not to become too focused on yourself.

In order to give something to others, you must have it; thus, you should try to be filled with self-love, self-esteem and accept yourself so that you can move forward in fulfilling your life mission.

Be wary of the negative aspects of this powerful sign: impatience, aggressiveness, excessive impulsiveness and selfishness. The key phrase of

Aries: I am. Keyword – Action.

Your basic nature is focused on action and the desire to be a pioneer and get a huge variety of experience. You have spent many lives in a passive or subordinate state, and now you are ready to reclaim your strength, will and power.


The main goal for Taurus energy is to learn how to be down to earth, practical and demanding. The qualities of this sign, if used in a positive way, will help you to be a reliable, compassionate, loyal and trustworthy person.

You must learn to overcome the negative influence that is expressed in excessive possessiveness, jealousy toward close people or stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to other people’s opinions, and beware of the limited mind.

The key phrase for those born under the sign of Taurus is I possess, and one of the deepest desires is stability in life. One of the positive keywords describing Taurus is Perseverance.

Your basic nature is a creator who learns to manifest his dreams in the physical world. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and therefore you love beauty and enjoy when you are surrounded by beautiful things. You are a very loving and tender nature and in great need of a sense of security.

Taurus is one of the most practical and “earthly” signs, which means that you came into this life with a desire to create practical spirituality in your life. You have spent many lives fulfilling your spiritual mission and ignoring the physical world and your physical vessel.

It is time to learn to soar among the stars, at the same time firmly standing with feet on the ground. Your mission is to balance and harmonize the frequency vibrations of your physical vessel so that the Spirit can descend and take over the reins of government, thus creating your personal paradise on Earth.


Since mastering the art of communication was one of your main goals in this life, you chose to be born under the influence of the Gemini sun sign, which falls under the influence of the element Air.

Its quality is flexibility and adaptability, and the focus is communication and intelligence. Using the qualities of Gemini clearly helps you to be friendly, sociable, witty, eloquent, multifaceted and receptive.

However, if you use this energy in a negative direction, you can develop a tendency toward inconsistency, anxiety, criticism, and impatience.

The key phrase for Gemini is I think, and the key word is Diversity.

Usually you can see both sides of the situation, and therefore it may be difficult for you to make decisions. More often than not, you allow your mind to suppress the feelings of your heart, why you may seem kind of emotionally detached or it may be difficult for you to show love and tenderness or express your innermost feelings.

One of your main goals for this life is to balance your intellect and emotional nature, as well as combine feminine qualities of gentleness, care, intuition and creativity with pressure, strength and dynamic will to create your masculine nature.


Cancer is a water sign, and the element of Water can be called sensitive, emotional and responsive. The controlling planet of Cancer is the Moon, which reflects the energy of the Mother Goddess, just as the Sun radiates the energy of our Father God.

The symbol of the sign of Cancer is the Crab, and it is very appropriate. The crab carries its house on its back and moves through life with strange zigzags, sometimes snapping its claws unnecessarily.

People born under the sign of Cancer also have these features: their home is most important to them, and they have many emotional ups and downs. This sign is action oriented and ambitious.

The key phrase of Cancer is I feel, and the key word is Sympathy. Thus, the positive traits that you are trying to integrate are empathy, diligence, contact, thrift and protection.

The negative traits you should observe are overcoming the tendency to dispute, mood swings, excessive sensitivity and emotionality and avoid the development of the martyr’s complex.

You tend to respond to the events of life through your emotions, and not through your mind. It can be extremely difficult for you to control your emotions, but this is one of the main tasks you have chosen to perform in this life.

You can feel deep sympathy, like a psychological sponge absorbing negativity from the outside world, even without realizing it.

It may seem that you control yourself very much or that you are cold towards people with whom you are uncomfortable, but in fact you are very soft and vulnerable in nature.

You may be inclined to avoid confrontation and may have difficulty standing up for yourself; you will rather hide yourself in your own shell than you will encounter a difficult situation with your head held high. Returning your power back and balancing your mental and emotional nature are the two most important life lessons for you in this life.

a lion

Many in today’s life choose for their experience the dynamic energy of the solar sign of Leo, which offers many opportunities for making great strides and developing the gifts and talents that you brought with you.

It is a sign of leaders, those who love to direct or rule, those who love to “shine” or be in the foreground. It awakens the positive energies of generosity, ambition, loyalty, but if these energies are used negatively, they can make you demanding, intolerant and despotic.

Keep an account and try to bring many facets of your being to harmony so that you can connect and gain access to the greater wisdom and energy of your Higher Self.

The beautiful fire sign Leo works hand in hand with the First Ray of Divine Will to Creativity, and this is an unbeatable combination if you use this dynamic power for your highest good and the greatest good for all.

The key phrase for Leo is – I express my will, and the key word is Faith . The identity of Leo must somehow stand out. When you gain recognition, you can allow yourself to radiate the warmth of your heart and you can be a huge source of inspiration and strength for others.

Theater, art or outdoor sports may be of particular interest to you. At its best, you are a loving person, vigorous and optimistic. Do not forget to create light in your own life so that your radiance may increase many times over.


Those who choose to be born in this life incarnation under the sun sign of Virgo, know that this sign is ruled by Mercury and is earthly. The element of the Earth can be described as practical and demanding. Its quality is variability, which means adaptability and flexibility.

The positive features that you should strive to integrate are the use of your analytical skills, the development of discipline and diligence, as well as tact and reliability.
Negative traits that, according to the desire of your soul, you must overcome, are indifference, skepticism, criticality, self-concentration or introversion.

Keyword for Virgo – I analyze.

The key word for you is Service. You were born with a very inquisitive mind, with developed analytical skills and a very good memory.

You subconsciously strive for perfection in everything that you try, and because of this you can strongly push yourself to be perfect. You may also be inclined to expect perfection from those around you. And if you find that it is not enough, you are disappointed and can become critical, looking for flaws.

Perfection cannot be achieved in this life incarnation, so relax and allow yourself some freedom. It will be enough just to do everything that you can.

You may also have a tendency to undue anxiety, as a result of which your health may suffer, resulting in digestive disorders, skin irritations or ulcers.


If you were born under the Libra solar sign, symbolizing the balance of life, then you came with a strong desire to explore all the positive and negative aspects of the situation before making a decision. Libra’s master planet is Venus, a planet of love and harmony.

Keyword Scales – I weigh, but basically you are a diplomat or arbiter. Libra is a sign of Air or a mental sign, and therefore you seek to balance your mental and emotional nature!

Using the positive qualities of Libra will help you become more diplomatic, cooperative, helpful and idealistic. Libra energies will also help you focus on your intelligence and communication skills.

You strive to be more sociable or contact and take control of your life in order to manifest your dreams and ideals; but you must also learn that there are times when you need to be alone and find comfort with your own thoughts as you learn to adjust to your Inner Self.

Those who experience the powerful effects of Libra are often inclined to “fall in love with love” by virtue of their romantic and sentimental nature. First of all, fill yourself with love and self-esteem, and then you can share this love with others and receive in response the higher vibrations of love.

You must beware of indecision and excessive dependence on others. You must strive to overcome the deep-rooted fear of leaving your comfort zone, to achieve or become what you dream about, but dare not hope for it.

We tell you that you can do everything and become everything you wish, beloved. Write your image of the future and start taking the necessary steps to realize your image. Begin the journey, beloved, and we will open the way for you and show you the way.


If you were born under the influence of the solar sign Scorpio in this life incarnation, you decided to experience the energies of this powerful solar sign, for your greatest desire was to bring all the facets of your being back to harmony.

Scorpio is ruled by an energetic Mars and planet of strong desires, Pluto. This is a watermark, and the element of Water gives you a strong emotional nature with powerful, deep-rooted feelings and a clear sense of purpose.

Scorpio is a very multi-faceted sign, where Scorpio is a symbol of the lower nature or energy of this sign, because of which a person can be insidious and attack others in a state of anger.

The key phrase of this sign is I wish, and the key word is Fortitude. If you attract the positive energies of this sign, it will help you to be a brave, inventive, productive person with a highly developed intuition.

However, you must beware of stubbornness, sensitivity or possessive feelings. Scorpio is also one of the most powerful signs, as it gives you a strong will and determination to fulfill your dreams.

You are capable of utter self-sacrifice for the sake of those you love, but you must remember that you, too, deserve to have your needs met.


For those who choose to be born under the influence of the sun sign Sagittarius in this life, this sign gives the Fire element, and therefore it can be described as a sign that gives enthusiasm and inspiration. It also gives qualities of flexibility and adaptability.

The positive qualities of Sagittarius that you should strive to cultivate are optimism, reliability, versatility and honesty.

Negative traits that you may need to overcome are some tactlessness or tendency to sometimes talk before you think that it offends other people’s feelings.

You should also strive to be responsible, to dream, but also to try to take actions that are necessary for the realization of your dreams.
In your basic nature, you are a philosopher and lover of nature.

Internal discontent lives in you, because you are always looking for something that will add excitement and new dimensions to your life.

Be careful not to overstrain yourself with excessive activity and too fast consumption of your energy. You have chosen this sign to help yourself expand your knowledge and find independence.

You may not believe this, but you have the ability to become a good speaker or teacher, and if you learn to attract the “shining” qualities of your sun sign, you will never be alone, for people will reach out to you and you can create a circle of lovers and loyal friends.

The key word for Sagittarius is Freedom, and the key phrase is I see. The symbol of the sign Sagittarius – Centaur, releasing an arrow up. So the goal is high, as long as you continue to stand firmly on the ground and learn to fully use the advantages of your beautiful, positive nature.


Many of you chose to be born under the sunny sign of Capricorn in this life, for your wise soul knew that you would need to anchor your Higher Self on the physical plane. The positive energies or properties offered by Capricorn are patience, humility, compassion, and wisdom.

You are quite creative, but sometimes you can be very pessimistic and doubt your abilities. You must learn to believe in yourself and develop optimism.

Therefore, you will probably feel sadness, frustration, and limitations until you become free from these thoughtforms and the energies of past lives that are hindering you from achieving your Mastery.

The reason why you have chosen so many life difficulties is that they should push you to search for spiritual wisdom and skill, rather than personal success in life.

When you become aware of this, failures and obstacles will disappear. When you begin to tune in to the positive energies and rays of your sun sign, your ambitions, productivity, and practicality will help you make amazing progress.

Your divine heritage is all the beauty, love and abundance that you are able to accommodate, but you must be in harmony with the “I” of your soul or you will continue to feel inner displeasure.

The key phrase for this sign is I use, and the keyword is Achievement. You have the tools and inner abilities to achieve all that you desire in this life, beloved, and you are given the opportunity to climb the mountain and explore the world from the subtle and exquisite areas of skill.


In this life you have chosen to be born under the sun sign of Aquarius, which is the personification of the New Era and will dominate over the next 2,000 years. It symbolizes knowledge poured into the world.

The key phrase of Aquarius is I know, and the key word is Truth. Aquarians are often sociable and able to express themselves through good communication skills.

The positive qualities and strengths of this solar sign that you seek to integrate are originality, intuition, outlook expansion and friendliness.

The negative traits that this sign will help you overcome are excessive sensitivity, unpredictability or rebellion against rules and laws. You are willing to test different points of view, but new ideas must be confirmed before you can retreat from your preconceived views.

You tend to be friendly, independent and idealistic. You have a very loving nature, but it is more expressed in a detached manner in relation to groups of people, rather than to specific people.

You can be a very determined and persistent person and often feel divine discontent, for you are not satisfied with the need to play the usual, limited role that tradition and society require from you – you are in some ways revolutionary in your ideas.

Connect to the wisdom of your Divine Self, beloved, and you will have access to the Cosmic Chronicles, which can change your world for the better. Then others will come to you, and you will be able to show them the Way.


You have chosen to experience the energies of the Pisces sun sign in this life, which means that you wanted to focus on your spiritual wisdom, become a visionary and express your creative nature in some way. The fish are controlled by the planet Neptune, which radiates the highest vibrations in your solar system.

The energy of Pisces is unstable like flowing water, which makes them the most volatile sign of the zodiac. People with strong Pisces energy are very sensitive and endowed with strong, deep emotions.

Neptune’s negative energies, which you must learn to balance and harmonize, are disorder, a tendency to illusions, fear and excessive impressionability and susceptibility to external influences. When you feel too much pressure, you may feel a strong desire to escape.

You tend to be kind, sympathetic, deeply sensitive, intuitive and modest, but you must learn to set boundaries, follow your own inner leadership and see that your own needs are being met and that you are appreciated for who you are.

If you learn to use the higher vibrations of Neptune, it can help you to reach your higher consciousness and connect to the beautiful wisdom stored in the Light Packages within your brain structure.

By virtue of your sympathetic nature, it is also important for you to present around you a barrier of golden Light, so that you do not absorb the negative energy that you may encounter in the experience of your daily life. Keyword for Pisces – I Believe. Keywords – Intuitiveness and Impression.

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Spiritual Birth Card By Zodiac Sign - Zodiac Sign/Horoscope

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