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Some of the most important events in the Prophet Muhammad's life..

**Prophet Muhammad's life passed through three stages;

Stage 1; From his birth to the begging of his mission.

Some of the most important events that took place during this stage are;

* Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born on Monday, 12th of Rabi'al-Awwal, in the year of the Elephant ('Amul-Fil, I.e 570-571) in Abi Talib's house, in an area called Shi'b bani Hashim near the city of Makkah. Before his birth his mother had a vision in which she saw a light coming out of her and shining on the necks of the camels of the Levant and the whole world was delighted by his birth.

*His father died when his mother was pregnant with him.

*Lady Halima As-sadiyya breastfed and reared him for five years in the desert of bani Sa'd, then he was brought back to his mother in Makkah.

*His mother died when he was at the age of six and he was passed into the custody of his grandfather Abdul -Mutallib.

*His grandfather died when he was eight years old, so he came under the care of his uncle Abu Talib, who looked after him and treated him with utmost affection.

*At the age of twenty five, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married Khadija.

*He was one of the members of the alliance of Al -Fudul, an alliance that was formed for establishing justice in Arabia.

*He was honored with prophethood at the age of forty.

Stage 2; From the Beginning of his Mission to his Migration.

*Divine revelation was sent to Muhammad (pbuh) at the cave of Hira ' when he was forty years old.

*Khadija was the first person to embrace Islam.

*He preached the religion of Islam secretly for three years during which some noble men and slaves embraced Islam.

*Following that period, he preached Islam publicly, and as a result the polytheists intensified their persecution against him and the believers.

*Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) commanded his companions migrate to Abyssinia to safeguard their faith. This event was known as the first Hijra (migration).

*The boycott of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and those who were with him in the shi'b (or mountain pass) of Abi Talib took place on the seventh year of his mission.

*Then he commanded his companions to make the second Hijra to Abyssinia.

*After three years of blockade and suffering, the boycott of shi'b Abi Talib was finally annulled.

*Following the annulment of the blockade lady Khadija the Prophet's wife and dearest companion passed away a few weeks after the death of his uncle Abu Talib.

*The suffering of Prophet Muhammad pbuh aggravated.

*He travelled to ta'iff to call it's people to Islam then he returned to Makkah after being exposed to great harm from the people of ta'iff.

*He intensified his efforts to call people to Islam inside and outside of Makkah.

*The incident of Al-isra'wal-Mi'raj (the night journey and the Ascension) took place in the tenth or eleventh year of his mission, and the the five daily prayers were made obligatory upon Muslim's during ascension.

*The Ansar started to enter Islam in big numbers and the first and second pacts of Al-'Aqabah were concluded.

*Islam spread fast in Madina.

STAGE 3:From his migration to his death..

*Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions migrate to Madina after 13 years of preaching Islam at Makkah.

*He arrived at the village of Quba north of Madina then entered the city of Madina.

*There he built Al-masjid An-nabawi (the prophet's mosque), made a covenant with the Jews, established a brotherhood I. E, alliance, between the emigrants and the Ansar (converts to Islam from Madina), he was granted permission from Allah to fight and then he commanded his followers to fight and a number of battles ensued.

*The battle of badr took place on the second year of Hijra. The day of badr is also known as the day of criterion, as it was the first time when Allah made Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the believers victorious over their enemies.

*The battle of Uhud room place in the third year of Hijra, in which more than 70 Muslim's were killed including the lion of Allah, Hamza bin Abdul Mutallib. In addition, Prophet Muhammad pbuh sustained a fracture on his face, his front teeth were broken and he was almost killed.

*The battle of Trench (al-ahzab) took place in the fifth year of Hijra wherein the Disbelivers were defeated without the use of arms.

*the treaty of hudaibiya took place in the sixth year of Hijra where in a truce was declared between Muslim's and the disbelievers by certain stipulations. Allah called it an evident conquest.

*The emigrants of Abyssinia returned home after ten years there.

*Prophet Muhammad pbuh commanded Abu bakr to lead the Muslim's in the pilgrimage to Makkah.

*prophet Muhammad (pbuh) performed the farewell pilgrimage in the tenth year of Hijra together with more than one hundred thousand Muslims. He intimated to the believers that he will die soon after Allah has perfected the religion of Islam for the believers and completed his favour upon them.

*In the twelfth year of Hijra, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fell ill and passed away.

NB: I have only summarize what I can, the door is open for suggestions and correction.

A Glimpse At The Biography Of Prophet Muhammad  (peace Be Upon Him)  - Biography



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