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Osorhor Ogenevwegba Michael
Delta state polytechnic otefe oghara ( DESPO )
Graduate, Nigeria.
Sometimes, it can be really difficult to identify a narcissist especially when you are in love with such a person.

A narcissist may often put you down and show selfishness, failing to even show any sign of empathy. But the fact is that no one falls in love with a narcissist intentionally.

Unless though, that kind of person is your type. And the sad truth is that it’s not that easy to identify a narcissist, especially when you are in a relationship. In this article, you’ll discover the five signs that you are dating a narcissist. Read on.

Identify A Narcissist

You may initially be swept off your feet by someone with charm, sweet displays and sincere interest in you even before realizing who that person truly is.

When time goes on in the relationship, you may find the person acting funny or different and realize that you have been dating a narcissist – a person who only cares more about themselves than anyone else.

A narcissist can be said to be “in love with the reflection of his mirror”. And the kind of people who fall victim to narcissists is mostly those that have low self-esteem and other who are natural caretakers.

The most significant hazard of dating a narcissist is that it is not always apparent that you are dating one because they can still conceal their true colors.

To justify the behavior of a narcissist, you might say to yourself that they just came through a bad day, and they will be better the next day.

However when things do not change this weakens you emotionally and begins to give you second thoughts about the relationship. Those unhealthy behaviours will eventually to a relationship breakdown.

Therefore, it is really important to know the true person you are dating with at the beginning of the relationship. It will help to set the right foot for a great relationship.

Sometimes, it can be not that easy to identify if you are dating a narcissist. Same as that many couples don’t really realize that they are in unhealthy relationships.

We have done researches on the vital signs of dating a narcissist. Below are the five signs you should look out for to know if you are dating a narcissist.

Sign #1: Quick to anger and envious

Although a narcissist may be able to make you fall deeply because of the charm they may possess, they can also turn quickly on the coin.

The way they react to things, which do not go their way is a good indicator that you are dating a narcissist. Such as parking, traffic or reservations, as most the time they may react angrily.

You can know if you’re dating a narcissist because they may also be quick to anger as this can be evident in the way they treat others such as those who serve them like waiters/waitresses or other attendants.

Narcissists can hardly stand rejection or disappointment and by this may show adverse judgment, passive aggression. When things like this happen, they tend to give silent treatments and withhold love or even emotional coercion by threatening to hold back intimacy.

A narcissist also envies others while even believing that they also crave him or her. Therefore, this boils down to insecurity, as they feel deep down with great worry that they are not good enough.

So they try to cover up such insecurity by making loud their success. But this is just a mechanism to cope because narcissists’ insecurity gives birth to great envy.

When they see others flourishing, they feel that that person is taking something away from their success.

So that they tend to conclude that a critic is only because of jealousy. And importantly narcissists amplify others shortcomings but never see their own ones.

Sign #2: They seek admiration, attention and lack empathy

This is one of the important signs that you may be dating a narcissist. If your mate has an inflated ego and constantly in need of admiration and attention from people around him or her.

Narcissists tend to seek admiration from people that they are smart or attractive or possess a lot of talent.

When they don’t seem to get the attention they crave, then they would show some attitude to get the desired admiration. Usually, they do not consider or place value on the effect of their behavior on others. And they don’t even value the opinion of others at the same time.

Others have to see them just as high as they view themselves, and if this doesn’t happen this way they grow highly uncomfortable.

And narcissists have a never-ending need to be the center of attention, the topic of conversation and to be admired and noticed.

Also, when you say something emotional or heartbreaking, or share a personal experience with your partner. And if you feel that they are not empathetic, it is a sign you may be dating a narcissist.

They may be quick to judge or even lack an empathetic response to an issue you or an experience.

And sadly, they also do not care about the feelings of others. They only see things that do not affect or involve them directly as a waste of their energy.

But they are only concerned when they stand to benefit from the person or the situation. Narcissists do not have a natural tendency to show empathy.

Sign #3: They are selfish, rigid and stubborn about their views

On many occasions, people generally may act a selfish bit. But in the case of a narcissist, it is a very recurrent trait.

They see themselves as the focal point! So they feel entitled to act in any way or say anything that they please to.

When narcissists spend time or even money, they put themselves into consideration first and leaving you out. Or they don’t pay any on what you like. But still, they try to make you think they did everything for you.

When you show disapproval and try to protest such actions of theirs. Then they act hurt and disappointed just to get some pity or turn the tables around.

You can also know if you’re dating a narcissist by checking out for how to place their view on things.

Although it is in good spirits if you and your partner have varying opinions on things, it could be a narcissist sign if they couldn’t see your point or tend to push through their views.

As a result of such a refusal from them to compromise. You may often give in and end up agreeing to their own views just to avoid fights or quarrels.

Sign #4: They are overly critical, come on strong and put you down

Your partner could be a narcissist if they always make you feel bad about yourself a lot; instead of making you think how good you are. And if this is the case, you are already in a toxic relationship.

Sometimes in general relationships, a partner might throw insults subtly by rolling the eyes or little gestures. But a narcissist will openly, verbally flog out such abuses. And when you question their actions towards you, and they may label you as being too sensitive or emotional.

For example, when having dinner with friends; a narcissist partner may make you very uncomfortable, or pay no heed to your feelings by saying an embarrassing joke or story about you and try to make everyone laugh out loud. And afterward, if you protest, they could question you why being upset or offended by saying they were only teasing.

When you meet someone new, and they are totally into you, it may seem to be something romantic. However, this could mean the person is a narcissist as well.

If you meet someone and they always want to talk for long periods or even hours, and you immediately start seeing such one as a soul mate or the only person that has ever understood you. But, it might be advisable to slow it down a bit and consider such intensity a narcissist alert.

When people come on strong, it is better to take it slowly. So that you can discern adequately if he or she is genuinely your soul mate or is a narcissist.

You can also know if you are dating a narcissist when they expect instant gratification. As they are expecting immediate replies to their calls and texts, or pressure you to get things done their way.

Here is the tip: you can rebuff this and find out if they are by saying a gentle No to their request and wait to see how your date responds to that.

Be on the alert to make sure you don’t begin dating a narcissist. It’s important to watch out for signs of impatience, persuasion, and irritation.

Sign #5: Controlling and taking advantage of others

Narcissist love being the ones in control! And if you are in a relationship with one, he may want to check your every move or demand a say in what you put on. You may mistake this for love by thinking they are so much in love with you that they cannot handle being away from you.

But in the real sense, this is a way of controlling you. And it is one of the early relationship problems that will grow worse over time.

And you may also be dating a narcissist if there is a catch when they are with you. For example, they are in a relationship with you because of your money, fame or status. They can easily let go of their partners and the relationships after getting what they want. Or their selfish expectations are not coming through. And they don’t care how this makes their partners feel. They take a claim over and drain out a person’s resources. Such as time, energy, physical body, and property without paying regards to the well being of that person.

A narcissist tries to use others to fill up a void within them which in unending. You can use these signs to examine if you are dating a narcissist or not. And if one of the above signs familiar to you then it is time to reevaluate your relationship.

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5 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist - Relationships/Romance

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