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Michael Osorhor
Delta state polytechnic otefe oghara ( DESPO )
Graduate, Nigeria.
When you’re caught up in the joy and wonder of a brand new relationship, it can make it hard for you to look for potential red flags. Chances are, you’re too busy having a good time to worry too much about the pesky miscommunications you guys might have from time to time. But you’ll feel confident that it’s something you can worry about discussing with them when you’ve had more time to get to know each other. You don’t need to worry too much; however, you need to pay attention to those early relationship problems signs that are most likely to get worse over time.

It’s easy not to read too much of the things that you’re seeing, but some relationship problems only get worse over time.

It’s advisable that you should address those relationship problems as soon as you notice them. We’ve put together this nifty little list for early relationship problems that you can look out for, which will hopefully save you some struggles in the long run.

1. Lack of Respect for Boundaries
If you notice that your partner is continuously inserting themselves in everything that you do whether you’ve invited them or not, chances are you will never see that trend go away.

Or If they are always crashing your hangouts with your friends or making plans with your family behind your back; then it’s likely that this lack of boundaries and this relationship problem will only get worse with time.

2. Sexual Incompatibility
Intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship, and if you don’t connect on a physical level, you’re better off as friends. As this kind of chemistry usually starts ridiculously high and can lessen over time; so if you’re starting low, the future might not be what you both want or need. And this is one of the relationship problems you should not ignore.

3. Poor Communication
If it seems like you guys can never honestly talk things out or are constantly misinterpreting each other’s intentions; then this relationship problem will not fix itself.

When these trends present themselves, you should learn how to communicate effectively with your partner. It’s time to make a plan to tackle them immediately to make sure you two are on the same level.

4. They Don’t Trust You or You Can’t Trust Them
Lack of trust will ruin almost any relationship. If it seems like you two are having trust issues, it’s better to talk about them in the beginning and see if you can work through them. So it is one of the critical relationship problems you need to solve soon as it really won’t resolve itself.

5. Fights Never End With Mutual Understanding
Every couple fights, but not every couple fights in a constructive way. If it feels like your fights never amount to much other than slowly disappearing without resolving anything, it’s likely that they will continue to go that way.

Fighting is normal, but never reaching an understanding is not, and it can be damaging. Make sure your arguments are based around finding a mutually beneficial solution.

6. They’re Controlling or Manipulative
This is a huge red flag. When your partner is always telling you what to do or demanding to know what you’re doing, and with who, likely they’re showing their true colors. And this is not only a relationship problem you need to tackle now, but also a sign of a toxic relationship.

If they’re continually guilt-tripping you to get what they want, you see who they are. In either case, it isn’t a good thing.

7. You’re Not Friends
Being friends is essential for a long term healthy relationship. Having things in common and fun things that you can do together is enormous.

If you notice that you can’t hang out unless you’re hooking up; then you’re missing a big part of being in a relationship. And this is one of the early signs of relationship problems you need to look out for as your partner should be your best friend.

8. They Can’t Be Without You
Clinginess, in the beginning, tends to only worsen over time. If it seems apparent that they can’t handle being alone and need you to entertain them, that will not only continue but might get worse.

9. Constant Jealousy
Nobody wants a partner that is always accusing them of looking at other people. If they’re always worrying about how long your eye contact was with someone that you may not even be looking at, run. As this is one of the critical relationship problems, you are going to face sooner or later.

10. They Hate Your Friends or Family
People are on their best behavior at the beginning of a relationship, so if they’ve already got problems with the other people close to you, that will only grow over time. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t like the people you love can be very difficult and is entirely unfair in almost every case.

11. You’re Constantly Doing Things For Them
Don’t ever ignore this relationship problem. If it seems like you’re playing mom for them more often than not, or they tend to rely on you for almost everything they don’t want to do; then the chances are that is the role they are looking to fill. Unless that’s what you want to do, set those boundaries up front, so they know where you stand.

12. Lying or Cheating
Yes, this is an apparent and critical relationship problem that will get worse over time. Though it requires no real explanation, still has to be said. A dishonest partner or a partner that cheats is likely one that will do it again. When these habits present themselves early on, it’s best to part ways and saves yourself a future of heartache. Some people aren’t ready to be in a committed relationship.

13. They Don’t Take You Seriously or Don’t Treat You With Respect
If it seems like they don’t respect your opinion or if they tend to treat you in a way that undermines your confidence or abilities, get rid of them. Or if they treat you as an option but not a priority, then it’s a clear indicator that you will have serious relationship problems later on. As these habits are only going to worsen with time. You deserve the best. Period.

14. Spending Differences
When you always see your partner swiping an excess of different credit cards and always buying new things while you’re more of a saver, don’t assume that being with you will change those habits.

People can become engrained in their patterns, and this could lead to disputes down the line. So don’t take this lightly, it’s better to discuss with your partner and learn to deal with money issues together.

15. An Inability to Leave the Past Where It Is
When your partner is continually dredging up your past with former partners or friends, it’s likely that they will continue to do so. People who focus on these kinds of topics tend not to move past things, and you might notice that past fights never honestly stay ended with them. If they can’t move on, you might have to.

Every new relationship is going to be filled with miscommunications and room for growth, and while that is very normal, some of these red flags aren’t. Remember, you want to give yourself and your relationship the best possible start, so don’t start sweeping things under the rug on day one.

Don’t ever ignore the above 15 early relationship problems, and if you don’t address them now, it may lead to a relationship breakdown or breakup eventually.

Some things have to be discussed openly, and if they aren’t up for that, they probably aren’t right for you anyway. Communication is vital in any relationship, so ask the hard questions and kick it off right!

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15 Early Relationship Problems Will Get Worse Over Time - Relationships/Romance

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