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Rufai Oladimeji
Lagos State University
100Level, Nigeria.

Can you please give me the idea of
sunnah dress in indo pak
subcontinent some people claim
that panjabi is sunnah dress and
shirt is kafir's dress and whoever
wears shirt is a fasiq but after some
inspection I found that panjabi is
the traditional dress of hindus . You
will find in the festivals of hindus
they wear panjabi.From a hadith in
Shahi al bukhari I know that
prophet tried to refrain from
mushrik's culture and in follow ahli
kitab's culture. Although in some
narrations of bukhari it is found
that he forbade us to refrain from
Ahl-i-kitab. And there are many
difference in dresses. So, far I know
arabs wear long robe no arab wear
panjabi. Then how come panjabi a
sunnah dress? Sometimes , the
dresses of arab goes beyond the
ankle then surely, it becomes
haram. At the same time you will
find a lot of differences in the dress
of African muslims and Turkish
muslims. Then what is the sunnah
dress? At the same time I think we
must refrain from the opinion that
panjabi is sunnah dress because it
is the dress of hindus and they are
more evil than Ahli kitab (While Ahli
kitab wear shirt).

All perfect praise be to Allah, The
Lord of the Worlds. I testify that
there is none worthy of worship
except Allah, and that Muhammad
is His Slave and Messenger.

In principle all clothes are
permissible unless there is evidence
from the Book of Allah and the
Sunnah of the Prophet that a
given garment is forbidden. Allah
Says (what means): { It is He who
created for you all of that which is
on earth. }[Quran 2:29].
However, there is evidence from
Islamic texts that some kinds of
clothes are forbidden:

1- Silk is forbidden for men,
and any clothes which contain
images of living creatures are
forbidden for men and
2- It is forbidden to wear see-
through or tight clothes
which shape the 'Awrah (parts
of the body that must be
covered in Islam) for men
and women.
3- It is forbidden for men to
wear clothes by which they
imitate women, and it is
forbidden for women to wear
clothes by which they imitate
4- It is forbidden to wear
clothes by which one imitates
the non-Muslims, whether the
people of the Book or other
polytheists; that is to say
wearing clothes that are
peculiar to them and which
are not commonly worn by
5- It is forbidden to wear
fashion clothes or clothes
that are different from the
clothes which the people in
that country are accustomed
In principle, it is permissible to
wear clothes that do not fall in any
of the above mentioned types,
whether in the Indian sub-continent
or anywhere else.

Saying that the Panjabi dress worn
by Muslims in Pakistan and
Afghanistan is a dress peculiar to
the non-Muslims because the
Hindus wear it in their celebrations
is not correct. One imitates the non-
Muslims only if he wears the clothes
that are peculiar to them, and there
is no doubt that the Panjabi dress is
not peculiar to the non-Muslims or
Hindus, rather it is a symbol of the
Muslims to an extent that it is
attributed to them, as people say 'a
Panjabi dress' or 'an Afghan dress'.
Therefore, wearing this dress is a
practice by Muslims, by which they
distinct themselves from others.
As regards your statement that the
Prophet tried to resemble the
people of the Book, then it should
be noted here that this was at the
very beginning when there were very
few Arab Muslims, but when Islam
spread among the Arabs, the
Prophet did not imitate them;
on the contrary, he ordered the
Muslims to distinct themselves from
the non-Muslims.
Az-Zurqaani when explaining
the book of Imaam Maalik [Al-
Muwatta'], said: "The last of the two
orders [of the Prophet ordering
to imitate the Jews and then finally
ordering to differ from them] was
when most of the idol worshippers
embraced Islam and the Jews
insisted on their rejection to Islam,
and calling them to Islam was of no
avail, then the Prophet ordered
the Muslims not to imitate them in
many matters, like his order to
dye our hair because the Jews and
the Christians do not dye their
hair. "

Allah Knows best.


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