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Wiping Over The Socks. by Taamas111 (m): 3:10pm on January 13
Rufai Oladimeji
Lagos State University
100Level, Nigeria.

I have a question regarding the wiping
over socks during the ablution. Allah
commands the believers in the Quran
[5:6] to wash the feet. So how can we
wipe over socks instead of washing the
feet? I also read a opinion of Mufti who
says that wiping over socks is allowed
only for socks made of leather. He says
in that article that wiping over socks of
other materials is impermissible and
against the opinion of majority of
Fuqahaa. What is the correct opinion?

All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the
Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of
worship except Allah, and that Muhammad
is His Slave and Messenger.

Basically, both feet should be washed during
ablution. Allah Says (what means): {… and
wash your feet to the ankles.} [Quran 5:8].
However, there are sound narrations from
the Prophet that prove lawfulness of
wiping over leather socks provided a Muslim
put them on while in a state of purity.
Imaam Al-Bukhari and Muslim may Allah
have mercy u pon them narrated in their
books from Al-Mugheerah Ibn Shu'bah , may
Allah be pleased with him, who said, "I was
with the Prophet in a journey, when the
Prophet made ablution, I went to
remove his leather socks and he said, 'Leave
them on, as I put them on while I was in a
state of purity,' and he just wiped over
them." All the Muslim scholars have agreed
upon the lawfulness of wiping over the
leather socks.

As for clothe socks, the Muslim scholars
have different opinion concerning this
matter. Imaam Abu Haneefah, Maalik , and
Shaafi'ee are of the opinion that it is
not allowed. The others like Imaam Ahmad ,
Abu Yoosuf and Muhammad the
companions of Abu Haneefah ; Sufyaan Ath-
Thawri , 'Ataa' , Al-Hasan , Sa'eed Ibn Al-
Musayyib, An-Nakh'i , Sa'eed Ibn Jubayr, Al -
A'mash , Ibn Mubaraak and Is-Haaq
are of the opinion that wiping over clothe
socks is allowed though they disagree about
some of the conditions that should be
regarded in this concern.
The latter opinion that allows for wiping over
clothe socks is more authentic than the
former due to the sound narrations that give
approval, and based on the practice of many
companions of the Prophet such as
'Umar, 'Ali , 'Ammaar , Ibn Mas'ood , Anas, Ibn
'Umar, Al-Baraa' , Bilaal , Ibn Abi 'Awfah ,
Sahal Ibn Sa'd , Abu Mas'ood Al-Badawi and
Abu Umaamah , may Allah be pleased with
So, we are inclined to its permissibility. Ibn
Qudaamah said: 'Since many
companions of the Prophet wiped over
their (clothe) socks and no one opposed
them in their time, it means that they have
agreed upon its permissibility.' Also, there is
no disagreement regarding the permissibility
of wiping over leather socks as we mentioned
above and there is no great difference
between leather socks and clothe socks.
However, there are some conditions that
should be regarded while wiping over the
socks in general:

1. One must have put on them while in state
of purity.
2. One may walk wearing them and they
remain fixed with the shoes, sandals, etc.
(i.e. not easily coming off his feet)
3. They should be pure.
4. They should also be lawful i.e., men
should not wear items made of silk or which
are stolen, etc.
Some scholars made another condition that
they should be thick and not transparent.

Allah knows best.


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