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Rufai Oladimeji
Lagos State University
100Level, Nigeria.

The religion of the earlier Prophets was
Islam. How they worship Allah? I mean
praying how did the earlier Prophets

All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord
of the Worlds. I testify that there is
none worthy of worship except Allah,
and that Muhammad is His slave
and Messenger.

The religion of all the Prophets is one,
which is the religion of Islam. Allah
Says (which means): {Indeed, the
religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.}
[Quran 3:19]. Moreover, the Prophet
said: " All the Prophets are brothers
of different mothers but their religion
is one." [Al-Bukhari]
As regards how the earlier Prophets
worshipped Allah, then the answer is
that they worshipped Him according to
the Law that Allah Has sent down to
them in revelation. Every Prophet and
his people worshipped Allah as He
ordained them to do. Among the acts of
worship that Allah commanded His
previous Prophets and their nations to
do is fasting. Allah Says (which means):
{ O you who believe! Observing the
fasting is prescribed for you as it was
prescribed for those before you, that
you may become pious. }[Quran 2:183].
They used also to perform the prayers
and pay the Zakah. Allah Says [speaking
about Ismaa'eel [Ishmael] (which
means): { And he used to enjoin on his
family and his people the prayers and
the Zakah, and was to his Lord pleasing
[i.e. accepted by Him]. }[Quran 19:55].
Allah Says about 'Eesaa [Jesus] , may
Allah exalt his mention,(which means):
{ And He has made me blessed wherever
I am and has enjoined upon me prayer
and Zakah as long as I remain alive. And
[made me] dutiful to my mother.}
[Quran 19:31-32]. Allah further Says
about Moosaa [Moses] , may Allah exalt
his mention, that he told his people
(which means): {We inspired to Moosaa
(Moses) and his brother: ''…and make
your houses [facing the] Qiblah and
establish prayer and give good tidings
to the believers." }[Quran 10:87].
The previous Prophets and their nations
used also to perform pilgrimage. Allah
Says (which means): {And (remember)
when We showed Ibraaheem (Abraham)
the site of the (Sacred) House (the
Ka'bah at Makkah) (saying): "Do not
associate anything with Me and purify
My House for those who perform
Tawaaf (circumambulation) and those
who stand [in prayer] and those who
bow and prostrate. And proclaim to the
people the hajj [pilgrimage]. }[Quran

Furthermore, it is confirmed that the
Prophet said: "(I perceive) as if I
am seeing Moosaa [Moses] may Allah
exalt his mention, coming down from
the mountain track, and he is calling
upon Allah loudly (saying: Here I am! In
response to your call my Lord!). Then
he came to the mountain track of
Harsha. He (the Prophet said:
"Which is this mountain track?" They
replied: "It is the mountain track of
Harsha. He observed (I feel) as If I am
seeing Yoonus (Jonah), may Allah exalt
his mention, son of Matta on a well-
built red dromedary, with a cloak of
wool around him and the rein of his
dromedary is made of fibers of date-
palm, and he is calling upon Allah
(saying: Here I am! In response to your
call!). " [Muslim]

As regards whether or not their prayer,
fasting and Zakah were like ours, the
answer is that only Allah Knows best
how these acts of worship were
performed. Knowing exactly how they
used to worship does not entail us to
act upon it and there is no great benefit
in knowing about it; we are ordered to
worship Allah according to the Law
which was revealed to the Prophet
Muhammad .

Allah Knows best.


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