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The Day Of ‘aashooraa'. by Taamas111 (m): 4:06pm on January 12
Rufai Oladimeji
Lagos State University
100Level, Nigeria.
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Teach me about ‘Aashooraa' in

All perfect praise be to Allah,
The Lord of the Worlds. I testify
that there is none worthy of
worship except Allah, and that
Muhammad is His slave and

‘Aashooraa' is the 10th day of
Muharram. On this day Prophet
Muhammad fasted in
Makkah with Quraysh. When He
migrated to Madeenah, he
found the Jews fasting on this
day. He continued fasting on
that day and ordered the
Muslims to fast too. Afterward
Allah legislated the fasting
during the month of Ramadan.
Then, the fast of ‘Aashooraa
became a supererogatory fast.
So, it is likable for a Muslim to
fast on this day. If one fasts on
this day, it is better to fast the
9th of Muharram also to oppose
the Jews.

The pieces of evidence for this
point are as follows:
1- al-Bukhari and Muslim
narrated from 'Aa’ishah, may
Allah be pleased with her, that
she said: "The tribe of Quraysh
used to fast on the day of
‘Aashooraa in the pre-Islamic period,
and Allah's Apostle used to fast
on that day too. When he came to
Madeenah, he fasted on that day
and ordered others to fast too. Later,
when fasting of the Month of
Ramadhaah was prescribed, he (the
Prophet ) said: "Whoever wishes
may fast - ‘Aashooraa - and whoever
wishes may leave it."
2 - Ibn Abbaas, may Allah be
pleased with him, related: “When
the Prophet Muhammad came to
Madeenah, he found the Jews fasting
on the day of ‘Aashooraa'. They used
to say: 'This is a great day on which
Allah saved Moosaa (i.e. Moses, may
Allah exalt his mention) and drowned
the folk of Pharoah. Moosaa
observed the fast on that day as a
sign of gratitude to Allah. The
Prophet Muhammad said: "I am
closer to Moosaa than them". So, he
observed the fast (on this day) and
ordered the Muslim to fast on it".
[Bukhari and Muslim]
3 - It is reported by Bukhari and
Muslim from Ibn 'Abbaas,
may Allah be pleased with him,
that he said: "I never saw the
Prophet Muhammad seeking to
fast on a day more (preferable to
him) than this day (i.e. the day of
‘Aashooraa) or this month (i.e. the
month of Ramadan)”.
Imaam at-Tirmithi narrated
from Abu Qataadah, may Allah
be pleased with him, that the
Prophet Muhammad said: "I
hope from Allah that the fast on the
day of ‘Aashooraa atones for the sins
of the preceding year."
Moreover, Imaam Ahmad
narrated that "it atones the sins of
two years, past and subsequent
4 - Imaam Muslim narrated
from Ibn Abbaas, may Allah be
pleased with him, that he said:
"When the Messenger of Allah
fasted on the day of ‘Aashooraa and
commanded that it should be
observed as a fast, they (the
companions, may Allah be pleased
with them) said to him: ‘Messenger
of Allah, it is a day which the Jews
and Christians hold in high esteem.
Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah
said: ‘When the next year
comes, Allah willing, we would
observe fast on the 9th.’ But the
Messenger of Allah died before
the advent of the next year."

This is the guidance of the
Prophet Muhammad
regarding to ‘Aashooraa. His
companions, may Allah be
pleased with them, and their
followers went on this
way. They have not
distinguished this day by any
practice except fasting.
But many acts done by some
ignorant Muslims which "deform
the face of Islam" have no
evidence from the Qur'an and
the Sunnah. These acts include
celebrating on this day, slapping
one's face, tearing of one's
clothes, using swords and
blood-shedding. None of these
acts have any authentic
relevance to ‘Aashooraa, but are
among the innovations and bad
deeds which the enemies of
Islam use to misrepresent

Allah Knows best.


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