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Choice Kenneth
You need Jesus
Luke 13v5
100Level, Nigeria.
Zainab,almost killed herself...... Wayo Allah, wayoo, Don Allah, Taimeke ni, barawo ya sata meni abinchi de ruwa,.wayo allah, .......

The street was full of weeping and crying, many people almost killed themselves for they have lost something important and tangible, they are ready to give away their eyes just to get back what they have lost, among the people crying was Nkechi, she came out screaming, shouting and jumping up and down, almost ready to commit suicide, ......"Ndi oyi owere la nri mu nakwa mmiri mu.".... thieves , thieves, they have finished me, by stolen away all I depend on, what will I live on, oh! I’m finished, they have taken away a full gallon, that’s all I depend on, another woman was shouting, they have stolen away 2 liter from my house, how are we going to live, then another one was shouting, they killed my husband and took away all the 50 gallon we depend on.

It was a sad period, and was so terrible when some armed people came to a street, with guns, cutlass, knife and different kind of weapons, start killing and destroyed anyone who try to stop their operation. every dogs barking were shot down, they started entering every houses, shooting anyone who fails to cooperate with them, they never demand for money, they never ask for jewelries, they never ask for property, they never ask for any valuable things because it was useless to them. All they do is entering from one kitchen to another, robbing people of foods and water, they are ready to kill anyone who fails to cooperate with them, all they need most is water, they rob them of their foods and waters and there is no law enforcement agent to repot the matter to, because the world has turned upside down.

Shade was shot on the head because she hid her own foods in the toilet, Emeka hands were cut off because he spread money in the living room and hid a gallon of his water in the roof, Ishmael committed suicide after 2 liters of water was stolen away from his sack

I’m not talking of hell here, but whosoever has a cup of water is a king during this period.

I’m I talking of things going on in another planet? No

This is how water became the most expensive commodity, and people are ready to kill, just to get a drop of it,

It was a terrible day, when a hailed of mighty fire that looks like blood came down from heaven and third part of trees, foods, flowers, bushes, companies, banks, houses, cities, forest and every single mast got burnt down, Aso rock was totally destroyed by fire, many people got burnt by fire, Japans were almost destroy such that they can’t even located where the Toyota company was built anymore for part of Japan has being swept away, and Lagos almost became once upon a time because Island was no more, it will takes a million years for America to become a great city again because of the great destruction, China is beyond recognition, every wild animal in south Africa came out to from the jungle, they were running for their lives just as human too were running for their lives, whosoever open the door of his/her house, Lion, Tiger, snakes, monkey and men and women both hide in same cave for they could not even care of each other, they never attack anyone, all what they need is protection, because of the vibrations, almost every houses in Nigeria collapse and people died instantly, because the cement used in building the houses was not enough, Oshodi and Onitsha markets became desolate, where is Kurmi market in Kano, we can’t even locate Accra anymore because everything got burnt down beyond recognition , only 86 people survived in Senegal, this is another night fall in Soweto , Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone is no more in Zambia

As people were trying to figure out what was going on, because everyone were afraid, fear took over the world and the mighty was made humble, no one could locate their family anymore, many can’t even locate their house, the minister of petroleum now hide in the cave with beggars,

The America scientist wish to figure out what was happening, but they can’t, because it will takes them 100 years to be able to figure it out, because the nuclear power supplies has being destroyed, so America is living in darkness, some Nigerians were trying to appease Sango, the gods of fire, while some were begging Amadioha to take away the calamity, all the Muslims could no longer go to hajj they no longer know the way to Mecca / Mina pilgrimage neither could they pray anymore for they knew not where to face before praying because the Ka’aba could not be traced anymore, nether can they even locate were it was once built, the Egyptians were trying to appease the sun god Ra, while south Africa consult Sangimas, the India too try to appease to Hindu perhaps it can saved them but Ganesha, Hanuman, Shiva and Lord Rama could not even take away the snakes on the streets of India, the kimbanguist in Republic of Congo too gather together to pray, now Jehovah witness are fed up with their bible, for the Earth they believe it will last forever is destroying before their eyes, they now try search for the truth from the king James version when it was too late, the the spirit consultant, has failed the Shona Religion in Zimbabwe, and the Shinto Shrines in Japan is no more, where is Yoga ? Imana has failed the Rwanda and Orunmila has failed the Ife and Modakeke people, because Osun Oshogbo is not answering their prayers, because the river has turned to red.

The sea and the oceans also turned into blood because a mountain of fire fell into it.

As the Brazilian were trying to consult Yemaya with the blood of three pigeons , perhaps she will understand what is going on, suddenly, they saw her for real, shouting help and running out from the sea, with different kind of horrible creatures, trying to run for their lives.

The Brazilian were shocked to see her real life, she was chase out of her kingdom she’s always proud of, even begging for help, they have always known her to be the most powerful goddess of the sea, and she alone control her territory, who is she? She’s popularly known as The Queen of the Coast, her unclothedness has being seen by her worshipers and she couldn’t cover her shame for it has being exposed (Nahum3:5), because she was powerless, so there is a mighty power that can chase you out of your territory? They asked her, she rejected the blood of the Pigeons and she’s not even interested in the millions gallons of blood, for she herself rushed out of the water because the third part of the water has changed to blood after another mighty mountain of fire fell into the sea,

Warri farmers could no longer go fishing because every creatures in the sea has died and everywhere is seriously stinking, just as the Egypt too was stinking when Moses turned the water into blood (Exo7:18), the fishes were created to live in waters, but they can’t survive in blood, the drummers, Rose and other Air fresher’s are no longer selling and no amount of perfume could stops the world stinking, the cemeteries were destroyed and many corps were uprooted, many died trough accidents and many animals died and no one to bury them everywhere was seriously stinking, the Lagos Ibadan Express way is filled up with dead bodies, Lorry steps on pregnant women and baby came out trough their mouth. Jer9:22

The wells too has turned into blood, the gutters, canal, tap waters, streams and everywhere has turned into blood, the witches no longer need to go for meeting before they can drink blood, Boko-Haram now hid themselves in the churches yet to be destroyed

The only available water not changed into blood, has killed many people because it has becomes bitter after a wormwood star fell into it.

Many people also died as a result of some mighty creatures that came out of the waters, whose heads almost touches the clouds, they came out running from their lives, and stepping on people just as if we were watching king-kung movie. Leviathans and Behemoth too were running for it lives, and the Vultures were rejoicing, for they will never lacks again, the Queen of Heaven hid in the cave because she has being chased out of the second heaven where her territory was and was cast down (Obadiah1:4), this made the Catholics cried bitterly, for no one to take them to purgatory even if they die

No water to drink, the presidents and governors of every country became beggars, money were useless for the traders no longer sells their foods, many children sleeps in zoo, for the wilds animals need protection from human while human need protections too, all the animals were ready to sworn an oat never to attack human, just for human to protect them, the dogs have forgotten how to bark,

After a day or two, there was another powerful event in heaven such that the sun, moon and the stars refuse to give their light, and darkness was everywhere, the Nigerian that were used to darkness has never experience such before, many America, died of shocks, Ghana could no longer bear it, but China couldn’t adapt to it despite all their torchlight, people could not sleep, they could not even see water to drink, many people wish to commit suicide but they remember hell is more terrible than what they are experiencing now, all their power has failed them, there gods and idols has failed them, The presidential post, governors senate posts were empty, for no one wish to occupied them anymore.

Later when the sun shined again, the Army, Police, Navy, Air force and all other crime fighters turned into criminals, and they are ready to kill anybody that fails to cooperate, they are robbing people of foods and waters, because everyone wish to survive at all cost, the kings and the presidents are nowhere to be found (Rev6:15)


What a pity, because this is just the beginning, God is seriously angry, who can stop his anger, the streets id filled with dead people, and yet his hand stretch still, who will stop him?

3rd Part of the trees are burnt already trough the rain of hail and fire

Third part of the water has being turned into a blood already

The fresh water has turned into bitterness and many has died from drinking it

Darkness has covered the Earth already, and it’s a darkness that can be felt

No food, and No water, for it’s just a mini hell

And still, he’s saying you haven’t seen nothing yet, for God is Angry with humanity and this is a payback period, are you going to be among those who will experience this, or you would have gone by rapture? Think and rethink it again, whosoever fails the rapture will suffer. Look he’s coming with the clouds, Everyone who see him, even the one who stuck a sword trough him. All people on earth will weep because of him, yes it will happen Amen

Only way out is Jesus, repent and Avoid the wrath of God, Jesus died for you and me, and by his blood, he set us free, he’s the Alpha and Omega, the one who is and was and is coming, The God all powerful.

Source: https-www-nairaland-com.0.freebasics.com/2066211/warning-world-lord-jesus-christ?iorg_service_id_internal=1646953538912597%3BAfqYFd8Tkm52XRnY#29296560

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You need Jesus.

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Thank you Jesus for being so kind to humanity
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Choice Kenneth
You need Jesus
Luke 13v5
100Level, Nigeria.