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Abdulazeez Adeshina
National Open University of Nigeria
Bsc. Economics
200Level, Nigeria.
When it comes to relationships, it is hard to see when your partner is taking you for granted, especially when we're in love. Find out how to prevent this.

Nobody deserves to be unappreciated. You should have your efforts recognized just as you show your gratitude to your partner. But what if you can’t really tell if you’re being taken for granted?

Love has the annoying ability to blind us. We fall for someone and it seems like they can only do good. No matter what they do, we’ll write it off as nothing simply because we can’t fully see the wrongness unfolding.

However, this can also cause you to be miserable without knowing why. Well, the reason for your heartache is probably because you’re being taken for granted.

Your man just doesn’t truly appreciate you. If you’re not sure if your partner is treating you the way you deserve, here are a few signs that can help you tell if he doesn’t truly appreciate you.

1. He expects the sweet things you do for him

Basically, he doesn’t thank you for doing nice things. He just expects you to do those things. Sure, both people in the relationship need to be putting forth and effort but sweet gestures should never be expected.

They’re things you do out of the kindness of your heart. You want to make him happy and so you make sure he is. That’s not expected. That’s you putting forth effort to make your relationship work.

And that needs to be appreciated. If he doesn’t recognize those little things as amazing, wonderful, kind gestures, he’s not appreciated you.

Even if it’s something as small as bringing him a cup of coffee, he should be thanking you endless and telling you how great you are for doing that.

If he’s not, then he’s taking those things – and you – for granted.

2. He gets upset when you don’t do nice things

This is based off his expectations. He thinks you should be doing things and so when you don’t, because you’re busy and perhaps not having a good day, he’ll get mad.

The fact that he is cranky by you not doing kind things just proves he never appreciated them in the first place. They’re not just sweet things you did to worship him. They were selfless acts that are not required. If he doesn’t get that, he doesn’t appreciate you.

3. He doesn’t do nice things for you

This will be the most obvious of the signs. Think about it. Does your man treat you well and do kind things for you? No? Well then it’s pretty clear that he takes you for granted.

Why should you be showing him love and appreciation only to have him never return the favor?

And keep in mind that even if he does do kind things, when it’s only once in a blue moon, it doesn’t count. If he cares about you and wants to keep you in his life, he’d be kinder.

4. He doesn’t make time for you

We all have busy lives. Work, school, friends, and family can get in the way of spending time with our significant others. However, if you’re pulling teeth to try to get your man to spend time with you, it’s a major problem.

If he truly appreciated and loved you, he’d make the time for you. You wouldn’t have to ask or beg or nag. He’d want to spend time with you because he likes being around you.

He wouldn’t want to lose you. And that means he’d have to make an effort to keep you in his life. When he doesn’t make time for you, it’s because he doesn’t appreciate his time with you.

5. He doesn’t respect your time

However, when he does want to spend time with you, then you must change your schedule to accommodate his. Even if you have plans, you must change them so you two can hang out.

He’s doesn’t value you if he doesn’t respect your time. He should know you have a life and things going on but when he gets upset because you won’t change things to spend time with him, yet he refuses to do the same, he has no appreciation for you.

6. He always HAS to have his way

He’s like a brat, basically. If you don’t bend to his will and give him what he wants, he gets upset and acts like a child. This is major proof he doesn’t appreciate you.

If he did, he’d let you do what you want. He’d let you pick the movie. He’d let you decide where to eat. When it’s his way or the highway, there’s no appreciation for you.

7. He doesn’t listen to you

Yes, he might look like he’s listening but he could be ignoring everything you say. This is extremely obviously when he has to ask you about the same thing over and over again.

It’s also apparent when you’re talking about your day and he doesn’t give you any feedback or acknowledgement. By doing this, he’s basically telling you that what you say isn’t important. If he thought otherwise, he’d actually pay attention to the things you’re saying.

8. He doesn’t want or respect your opinion

Does he come to you with life issues to see what you have to say? Does he ask for your advice about anything? If not, then he might not appreciate having you in his life.

When he doesn’t want to include you in big decisions he makes, then he doesn’t want or respect your opinion.

He’s basically telling you that your words don’t matter and he’ll make the decision without you. This is super obvious if it involves big life changes like his job, his home, or his family.

9. He doesn’t care about what you want in bed

So long as he gets his, he has no care about what you get in the bedroom. And for obvious reasons, this is awful. He doesn’t appreciate you and what you do for him in bed if he’s not willing to please you the way you want, either.

Obviously this just proves how much he doesn’t actually care for you. If a guy is doing only what will get him off in bed without any regard for if you finish or not, he really doesn’t care if you stick around or not. If he did, he’s be putting forth a lot more effort.

10. He doesn’t make any sacrifices for you

Sacrifices are necessary in any relationship. It’s a give and take. You need to be willing to give up some things in order to make the other happy.

However, your man might not be doing this. And that means he’s not worried about keeping you around. He doesn’t appreciate you if he doesn’t sacrifice anything, especially if you do.

You can’t always be the person to give up your time, or give up the remote, or give up a certain food you know they can’t stand the smell of. If you’re doing so much and he’s not doing anything, he’s just taking you for granted.

You don’t deserve someone who’s going to mistreat you and not care if you’re in their life. You deserve someone who will work hard every single day to show you how much they care and want you to stick around. Ditch the unappreciative guys so you can find the good ones.

source:- youqueen.com/love/10-obvious-signs-he-is-taking-you-for-granted/

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