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oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.
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Oyerr is a freelance online service and micro job marketplace that creates a centre of an alliance between buyers and sellers with zero location restriction and both buyer and seller protection, it bears the tagline "Share what you do for money".

Oyerr was formally launched on September 13th, 2017 at the Start Business Conference Festival, known as "StartConfest".

It allow users to offer credible online services as well as get plausible and affordable services at their convenience, irrespective of their location.

As a freelance online service, Oyerr allows sellers to create small jobs called gigs from various areas of expertise like graphics, web design, programming, writing and translation, video and animation etc. It allows a seller to charge for the services he/she offers. It also permits buyers to create requests on services they wish to get with the price budget they can offer to get the job done. Buyers can also place an order on a gig already displayed on the marketplace.

All the activities on Oyerr are under close supervision for easy disputed resolution. Activities such as conversations, payments, gig requests, gig orders, withdrawals etc. This is to ensure that a conducive shopping environment is available for buyers and sellers.

On www.Oyerr.com, you can make transactions directly from your bank either as a buyer or a seller and also get paid directly to your naira bank account.

How Does Oyerr Work

Jobs on www.Oyerr.com are called gigs. As a seller, you will create a gig once you have logged into your account. Once an order is placed on your gig, you will get a notification in your email and on the bell (notification) icon on the menu bar in your account. Once you deliver the job within the stated date, you get paid straight into your account and also secure a good seller rating.

As a buyer, you simply log into your account. Go shopping for your needed service(s) by scanning through the gigs that are displayed on the market. Afterwards, you can place an order on the gig of your preference and pay for the job (OyerrEscrow holds payments as a third-party i.e as an escrow service).

Once you receive the job and you are satisfied, the seller is paid. The amount for normal gigs ranges up to five digits of the naira currency, i.e. from #500 up to #99,999.

How Does Oyerr.com Make Money From This

Oyerr currently gets a 20% commission that is capped at 20,000 naira charged on every gig order as service charge.

How Can Users Start a Conversation on Oyerr.com

For every user on the platform, there is a user profile page (which shows only the public information of the user and the gigs he/she offer) which has a contact button that initiates a chat/conversation with the user when clicked. With this, all registered users on Oyerr, can chat or start conversations as regards a particular gig or any request.

How About Inquiries

Oyerr has a customer service available throughout working hours. On the website, the real time chat is instant and lively, one can also use any other contact medium from the contact page on www.oyerr.com.

Are There Extra Benefits

Of cause, there are more benefits. First, for every account, there is a unique referral link. For every referral you get to register www.oyerr.com through your referral link, you earn 200 naira credited to your online oyerr account. You can use the revenues you generate from your referrals to make purchases/gig orders on oyerr only. It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling gigs, you can take advantage of the referral program.

Also, sellers can customize their gigs; customized gigs are called a custom order. To customize your gig means that you create a job based on a buyers request and criteria. It also means that you can set up to a 6 digit amount i.e. from 500 up to 999,999 naira as far as the job you are offering is worth the price you set.

Furthermore, there are gig extras. Gig extras are extra services you can offer that supplement your gigs. You can charge extra when offering gig extras.

For instance you can say,

"I will write an article of 2000 words for 6000 naira" as your gig title,
you can add a gig an extra like so

"I will write an extra 1000 word article for 3000 naira"

gig extras are so interesting, it makes you gig a one-stop point for a buyer

What If I Need a Job that is Not Listed on Oyerr

Buyers who may need a task that is not yet listed as an available gig on Oyerr can post buyer requests of their needs and the budget they plan to execute on the request. Once a request is posted, various sellers offer to do the job/task. The buyer is left to pick a seller’s offer for the request he/she posted on oyerr.

How to Get Started

Join this fast moving train with a simple and a minute registration process. Provide only your email address, username and password to get started on oyerr.

The process of registration with Oyerr market is as simple as it sounds. Just a few steps will take you there.

1. Log on to www.Oyerr.com on your web browser
2. Click on Join. The system will provide you with a form.
3. On the form, fill your email address, username and password
4. Type what is provided under Are you human.
5. Click on agree button
6. Click Register
7. Confirm your account with a link sent to your email inbox.

However, using mobile phone, the JOIN button is located at the white segmented icon at the top left side of your phone.

Remember early users always benefit more because they build their reputation to get to do more jobs before the competition gets tighter.

Reach Oyerr Support via phone call: +2348162456454, +2348170543327, or via email: oyerronline@gmail.com, we will so glad to assist.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oyerrmarket
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/oyerrmarket



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oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.
How To Post A Buyer Request On Oyerr

The services we offer in oyerr.com is not just limited to freelancers who offer to perform certain tasks for a fee, it also extends to other persons who need these services.

This article is meant to guide our clients on how to post a buyer request on oyerr, especially if the services you need is not displayed as a ready made gig.

Ready made gigs are job offers already created by freelancers on our website. At this point, you as a buyer just need to click on “order now” to place an order.

Now, how do you place an order if you didn’t find the service you need among the already displayed gigs on oyerr.com?

1. Sign in to your oyerr account using your username and password

2. On the menu bar, click on Buyer ( a number of option will is listed )

3. Click on post a request (a form will come up )

4. On the form, you are directed to describe the service you need in details

5. Select the category of task you need among the listed options

6. Type in your financial budget for the service you need

7. Type in the number of days it should take to get our service delivered

8. Click in submit

The process is even simpler when you do it. Talk to us using the comment box on this blog, via our email (oyerronline@gmail.com), or via our live chat on your oyerr account page


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

How You Meet People On Oyerr

Some people ask why they are not allowed to add their phone numbers on oyerr.com, others ask how they can met their potential clients.
The fact is , the initial registration process on oyerr ushers you through a signing in process with your email, username and password.
You can only add your phone when you log in and update your profile formally.

As a matter of fact, other clients cant access your phone number for security purposes. We can only contact you with it from the back end.
Oyerr.com, as a freelance website serves as an escrow service to ensure that none of the both parties (the buyer or seller) losses at last.

For instance when a buyer orders for a job, he pays for it and to us directly, when you have delivered the job, you get paid . We only take a commission of 20% out of every pay.

If you noticed an inbox icon on your page, that's your message bag. You can host a conversation with who ever you are in business with on oyerr.


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

Oyerr Is Just Unique

I may not be able to convince everyone in this forum about oyerr.com,
but you must know that doing what you know to do best doesn't stop at owning a shop.
It includes solving societal issues, using your skills to create a unique profile for your self especially with a freelance website like oyerr.com . Oyerr.com is not limited to Nigeria, it is for everyone around the globe. That's why we integrated PayPal recently to enable clients outside Nigeria to make online payments. I don't want you to be left out.The earlier you join, the more popular you get.


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

Why You Must Clear Your Doubt About Oyerr

oyerr.com has a direct affiliation with dwt,tag and sales technologies and imode agency. This is to ensure that the oyerr.com system is pushed to a standard.That aside,your activity as a freelancer or as a buyer is indispensable and golden. We take every possible strategy to make the relationship worthwhile.You need to clear your doubts about the potency of oyerr.com.


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

How Oyerr Can Ease Your Academic Stress
Oyerr.com is open to offer professional and affordable assistance to student especially with their term papers, assignment and research, projects, hypothesis, data analysis, Thesis etc.

Freelancers are available with their gigs well described on the website. All you have to do is to order for the gig.

You can always hold conversation with the freelancer on oyerr platform if you need something a bit different from the already created gig


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

How to Set up PayPal on Oyerr

This is how you set up PayPal on your OYERR account.
1. Login your account.
2. From the setting or profile links section located on the top right corner when using a computer and on the left side navigation when using a phone.
3. Fill in your real PayPal account email, crosscheck and make sure your spelling and email is correct.
4. Scroll down and click on the save button.
That's it!

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In case you thought it will be some gymnastic or stunt, sorry to disappoint you, it is this simple to get PayPal working on your OYERR account. So let's get started...


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

Our value proposition on oyerr.com

Every member of the society really needs to get intouch with the freelance services that oyerr.com provides.

You may not have really seen any reason you should join the moving team, but you see, oyerr.com have a number of values that we propose to every of our clients. They are not just mere words, they are our motivation. As a product, oyerr.com proposes

>> Online problem solving
>> Low cost value
>> Buyer and seller protection
>> Quick and easy customer support


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

9K Can Get You A Blog From OYERR

You are an alluring writer, you can paint imaginary pictures of your observation with words, so what stops you from making a living out of it. You can begin blogging on what you are really crazy writing about. It could be politics, fashion, make up, phones, education, career, name it.

Obviously people think owning a blog is such a big deal, but you see, it's not. You can get a blog built for you as low as #9000 naira.

Now remember that blogging requires a lot of focus. Talking about focus, I mean limiting your blog to a particular category of discussion. By so doing, you are expanding and exploring your horizon of knowledge on that category of discussion.

Now, oyerr.com has a deluge of programmers, web developers, web designers etc. Most of them have already created a gig on that. All you need do is make an order or better still make a request for a blog.

READ: How To Make A Buyer Request On Oyerr

Oyerr.com is out to build independent persons out of our society. Linda Ikeji started like this, you too can. Oyerr.com can be your backbone.


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.

One very interesting feature of freelance services is its multi-compensation policy. This simply means that Users can benefit financially, intellectually and otherwise from more than just one source.

One of such freelance services, and indeed the largest freelance service and microjob marketplace in Nigeria is oyerr.com.

Being user oriented, oyerr.com allow users not just to earn intellectual recognition but also to make money through gig selling, outsourcing and most of all referrals.

Our data base has shown that over 40% of our users got registered through referrals. But have you ever wondered how much you have made from your referrals so far knowing that each referral earns you #200. Follow the trend below and check yours afterwards.

Now, how do you check your referral balance on oyerr?

The steps are quite simple and familiar

1. Log into your oyerr account

2. Click on buyer on the menu bar

3. From the options, click on payments

The system will display the sum of money you have made from your referrals just like this screenshot you are viewing.

How Much Have You Made On Oyerr Referrals ? Follow This Tread


oyerr DWT
, Nigeria.
Digital nervous system, a thought established in 1999 by Bill Gates has become a world changing phenomenon especially in improving the systems on which organisations run. Infact, this phenomenon has informed DWT's 7th internal seminar today as a way of redefining our organisational system and operation.

One thing a system does , among other functions is to maintain collaboration among other units by establishing a functional network among other units. That's a clear picture of what a Digital nervous System can do. A DNS encourages enterprises to rely less on central management for decision making.

Do you know what that means?

It means that if organisations must roll smoothly in business, harnessing advances in technology, it is necessary they appreciate and adopt the following:

1. A work communication system
2. A work collaboration system and
3. A financial analysis system

Today's Speaker, Japhet Johnson, having made a promising exposition on this topic, left us with four words- Know, Learn, Use and Adapt.
#1 Nigerian Freelance Services And Micro Jobs Website - Oyerr Marketplace - Business Discussion


, Nigeria.
Very informative. Learn more about freelancing here http://www.cashprof.com/fiverr-top-secrets-how-to-succeed-on-fiverr/


Alice James
, Nigeria.
No abilities, learning or data that fits advertise rivalry idea can't warrant achievement or give strong and stable edge in exchanging. I think about exchanging as steady hunt and adaption of various exchanging thoughts, investigating new courses how to enhance my market understanding and so on. You won't get total capability in that never.

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