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How to display an RSS feed in WordPress? Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to Widgets in the Appearance section. Click the Add button next to the RSS widget. In the Current Widgets section on the right click Edit for the RSS widget. Type the RSS feed URL, its title (optional) and check what item details to ...

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Computer programs are often described as “sets of instructions”,and computer languages are thought of by many as merely the syntax and vocabulary for providing these instructions.

From this point of view, different programming languages may have different grammars, or different vocabularies. Each may treat semi-colons a particular way, or require capitalization — but they are sort of the same underneath all that.

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The following are the current updated requirements for this year’s NYSC Mobilization and Registration. For an easy and stress free online registration, prospective corps members are to note the following:

Visit any of the websites: nysc.gov.ng OR nysc.org.ng OR portal.nysc.org.ng
Ensure that you they have functional e-mail addresses that they can access easily and active Nigerian phone numbers. Your email and password will be used to log in to the NYSC portal.
Locally trained prospective Corps members are to use their correct Matriculation numbers to register.
For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions will have access to the register on the NYSC portal.
Foreign-trained prospective corps members should ensure that their Institutions are accredited. If you’re not sure, ask the Federal Ministry of Education for verification. The letter of verification must be uploaded during registration.
If you graduated outside Nigeria, (Foreign-trained graduates), visit the NYSC portal, register and upload the following documents:

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We are doing our project greatly. We are two weeks ... A) after schedule that is the answer to the question

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Thes fields of accounting and economics are often confused with each other, and indeed each enables a better understanding of the other. However, while both deal with numbers-crunching, assets, and money, accounting and economics are separate subjects with several differentiating factors. Accounting is a field that involves calculating and recording transactions of a financial nature and subsequently summarizing, analyzing and reporting them, while economics is a branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

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Thank for the enlightenment you are passing through to us may Almighty Allah sha enlighten your brain also insha Allah

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Re: Who Is Herbert Macaulay ? . by Riddor: 5:43am on January 19

Olayinka Herbert Samuel Heelas Badmus Macaulay (14 November 1864 – 7 May 1946) was a Nigerian nationalist, politician, engineer, architect, journalist, and musician and is considered by many Nigerians as the founder of Nigerian nationalism.

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Re: How To Write Diaries. by Riddor: 7:26am on January 18

A diary is a private place where you can keep your thoughts, feelings and opinions on everything from work to school and everywhere in between. There are all different types of diaries, like food diaries, health diaries or academic diaries. But your diary doesn’t have to be specific if you don’t want it to be, it can also just be a place where you write about whatever you want. If you’re just getting started, maybe you haven’t decided what you want to write about, and that’s fine. That is what we are here for – to help you with all those moments of writer’s block you may be having. Our tips can help guide you and inspire you. Let’s begin!

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We can't judge with that because she may truly serious and loves the man deeply, and she might also don't.

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By all this?

Be the First to Answer. Even at the cost of quality.

Use Downvotes and Comments Strategically.

Use obnoxious in-your-face formatting and lists.

Be Aware of the 200 rep/day Limit.

Edit, But Don't Edit Too Much.

Associate your other accounts.

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The words ‘being’ and ‘been’ are sometimes confused. As a rule the word ‘been’ is always used after ‘have’ whereas ‘being’ is never used after ‘have’. It is used after ‘be’.

'Been' is the past participle of the verb 'be' and is usually used with the perfect aspect with ‘have’ in all its forms i.e. had and has
I have been busy. NOT I have being busy.

'being' is the present participle of the verb 'be' and can be used with the continuous form of the verb 'be' is all its forms i.e. am, is, was, are and were.
When I arrived at the scene of the accident the victim was being placed in an ambulance.

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To help you, I have made a list of things to consider before you indulge yourself in the world of forum management.

1. Are you patient enough to handle a huge task?

2. you have the time?

3. What is your forum all about?

4. you willing to spend?

5. you sociable?


Exemption certificate for foreign graduates must be collected in the main office of the Directorate of the NYSC at a specified time. Either you served for one year and received certificate, or you were released from service and received a certificate of exception or exclusion, you still are a graduate.

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Both terms refer to the senses and worldly, physical gratification but sexual refers only to pleasure pertaining to sex while sensual refers to all senses including pleasure induced by touching pleasing textures, tasting and feeling textured foods, listening to and being emotionally compelled by different music

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Made using melon seeds, palm oil, vegetables (bitter leaf or any other of our choice) and other condiments, Nigerian egusi soup is best enjoyed with pounded yam, eba, semo/wheat or amala.


Ensure you do not add the yam flour to the water while still on the fire, that way it does not form lumps. Turn the yam flour with a wooden stick for a while, add little water and put it back on the fire to cook on low heat for about 5 minutes so as to make it cook properly.

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These are seven simple things that can cause bad dreams, that you can stop doing tonight for a better night's rest.

1.Eating Cheese At Bedtime.

2.Staying Up Late.

3.Not Sleeping Enough.

4.Not Managing Your Stress Level.

5.Drinking Alcohol Before Bed.

6.Being In A Bad Mood.

7.Taking Certain Medications.

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If a woman chose to do so, speculated tabloid journalists, she could make sperm from her own bone marrow, fertilize another woman's egg — and voila! “Men could be completely sidelined,”

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9 United States Dollar equals
3,280.50 Nigerian Naira. That is the conversion of money of us

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is a Nigerian union of university academic staff, founded in 1978.

Academic Staff Union of Universities
Trade union
Official language
Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)
[http:// ]
Military regime
Fourth Republic

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Nigeria's foreign economic relations revolve around its role in supplying the world economy with oil and natural gas, even as the country seeks to diversify its exports, harmonize tariffs in line with a potential customs union sought by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and encourage inflows of ...

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Opportunity cost
Supply and demand
Purchasing power

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Re: . by Riddor: 7:21am on January 4

What is meaning of this because some one can't understand what this mean at all, can someone kindly explained this and the meaning

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Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. In the UK such learning has its roots in students learning through correspondence courses.
Fotolia _25421816_S
More than 270,000 undergraduate students are taking their first degrees via distance learning, together with some 108,000 postgraduate students.
In recent years the advent of the internet and widespread use of the computer has led to a huge growth in distantly delivered tuition and study.
At undergraduate level distance learning usually means students engaging with learning materials at home or work.
These materials are produced by the university, college or learning provider and are either sent directly to the student or more usually today accessed via the internet.
Tutorial support is provided via a virtual learning environment, telephone, email or other electronic means.
There may be occasional face-to-face encounters with tutors and attendance at week-long summer schools.
The majority of UK undergraduate students study with the Open University (although many universities offer distance learning programmes); postgraduates study elsewhere.

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Afrobeat (a style of popular music incorporating elements of African music and jazz, soul, and funk) as a genre started in the late 60s and early 70s with Fela Anikulapo Kuti as its progenitor.

fela kuti
Since then, Afrobeat has continuously waxed stronger and evolved in this contemporary times. Somehow, the westerners again renamed ‘Afrobeat’ music to ‘Afrobeats’ with the latter incorporating all new sounds of African origin. Despite the dispute in nomenclature as to whether contemporary African music and sound should still be labelled Afrobeat or Afrobeats the genre has steadily gained global acceptance and penetration.

A lot of Nigerian artistes like Burna Boy and Wizkid are repping the genre very well and are very keen on selling it to the world.

Over the few years of their career Burna Boy and Wizkid have released music strongly reminiscent on Fela Kuti’s kind of music although not in entirety. Or better put, Wizkid and Burna Boy have sampled Fela, the Afrobeat legend, from time to time in their songs. Accolades and loud applause are given anything someone finds a way to infuse Fela’s music into their songs.

Then again, debates spring up from time to time between these two artistes Burna Boy and Wizkid as to whom is repping the essence of Afrobeat in their music better than the other. Hence, they’re hailed as ‘young Fela’, ‘Fela back’ or with any other phrases that connotes the spirit of Fela lives on in them. Depending on the flow of trends sometimes the debates tilt in favour of Wizkid and some other time Burna Boy is held in higher esteem.

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Moping the floor, sweeping the floor and the environment watching all clothes that has been using dirty

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Lettuce farming is a typical vegetable product use for an assortment of dishes in Nigeria. In pretty much every occasion, salad is never missing.

However, a typical meal is the serving of mixed greens. It makes it a monetarily reasonable yield you can develop. The interest for lettuce is never in uncertainty.

Moreover, there are off curest periods and top periods. Along these lines, you should know the elements of the market and strategize enough. Lettuce cultivating can be exceptionally fulfilling on the off chance that you comprehend what to do. Thus it does not have enthusiasm without learning.

This article tries to control you on the best way to cultivate and popularize lettuce.

Land Preparation for Lettuce Farming
It is an essential piece of lettuce farming. While picking a land for lettuce farming, you ought to consider a very much sandy topsoil. This aide in giving the ideal required.

Waterlogged or wet soils ought to support a strategic distance. There is little air circulation on the ground which corrupts the dirt structure. Subsequently applying natural excrement can help reestablish soil structure in such soils. It can use on dirt sort and for lettuce farming.

Its moderate supplement discharge holds soil fruitfulness.

Nursery Cultivation
Lettuce plant should be possible in an assortment of ways. A few ranchers incline toward planting in a nursery before transplanting. Different ranchers plant it correctly to its lasting area. Picking any of these relies upon your capability. Non can be said to be better to the next.

It is because every strategy addresses the issues of its clients. A nursery bed is shaped by working the dirt and smoothing it spread water. Furrows are set apart for little inn seeds sprinkled daintily and equally along the sections. The soil is gently separated with the hands equitably over the bed.

Also, it smoothes out the notches. These notches ought to be to such an extent that they don’t surpass an inch down.

Stalks grass are used to cover the highest point of the bed. It is to manage coordinate daylight and (water system) or rain. Coordinate daylight may wilt off the young plants. Watering can be utilized in the nursery as it decreases occurrences of young plants uncovered.

Transplanting Your Lettuce
It is the following stage in the wake of planting in the nursery. These yields should stay at the nursery for a time of 2 to 3 weeks. You can transplant them onto edges or still make a bed.

As the made reference to before, it develops best on sandy topsoil soils. Space is imperative to factor while developing lettuce on a business scale.

Therefore, it will be best to consider applying natural fertilizer.

Separating ought to be from 6 to 10 inches separated to give sufficient space to the yield to bloom.

Water system Farming
The majority of our talk is on rainy season farming. This vegetable yield can develop throughout the entire year. This way once there is a waterway, for example, a stream, dam, watercourse or a borehole, you can serenely develop your lettuce.

It is essential to take note of that another critical necessity arrives. It is the crucial prerequisite for salad cultivating or any growing so far as that is concerned. Water system growing alludes to the counterfeit diverting of water to develop your product. It amid the dry or harmattan season.

Tending Your Crop
It is the place a majority of the work lies. Meeting the above prerequisites isn’t sufficient. You should care for or tend your yield. It is of most extreme significance to how well your product develops.

The most vital piece of the lettuce edit are the takes off. Shockingly these are the most defenseless against irritation and bug assaults subsequently the need to apply pesticides/bug sprays. The recurrence of applying these relies upon the seriousness of attacks.

Anyway, the recurrence of use when it achieves development. It can cause a wellbeing danger to customers which isn’t useful for business. It is a business you can do that can bring you millions on the off chance that you pursue the correct technique.

Arranging your items should be possible by visiting the local vegetable market in your state to test current estimating and furthermore to publicize your details. Big time players in the business frequently purchase off the whole harvest on the homestead.




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How To Check Whether Your National ID Card Is Ready

1.Visit National Identity management commission (NIMC) official website by clicking here.
2.When the NIMC Website opens, click the Proceed button
3.Now, fill in your First name, Last name and your National Identification Number
4.Hit the ‘check now button’
5.You will be able to see the status of your card.

Do you think this article is helpful? Feel free to share this with friends using the share buttons and do not fail to comment below.

There is a simple way to get your National Identity card very fast. Although it is not a full guaranty, yet, it is worth checking out. You may to read How to get your National ID Very Fast. I wish you the very best.

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National open university of Nigeria (Noun)

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“I believe…”

That’s how one of the most important creeds of Christ’s Church begins. And it’s no surprise that it does. Because as Michael Bird explains in his new book What Christians Ought to Believe, not only is “the Christian life a story of faith: of coming to faith, of keeping the faith, and of finishing the faith.” (43) Life itself is a life of faith:

Faith, believe, trust and hope—whatever you like—these emerge from a deeply human experience full of dualities; experiences of life and loss, fidelity and failures, joy and grief, as well as trust and betrayal…The reality is that faith is an inalienable feature of human existence. (44)

What this opening salvo of our cornerstone creed is inviting those who recite it to do is “to recognize their need to know, to trust, and to belong to something beyond themselves,” because “our most basic need, one hardwired into our humanity, is to know God.” (44)

So before launching into the specific affirmations of the Apostles’ Creed, Bird explores the meaning of faith by outlining five aspects of Christian faith.

Faith as Fact

The Apostles’ Creed’s invitation to “believe” isn’t a shotgun affair. This creed calls us to faith in something specific: “the faith,” which is a vessel for facts.

“This faith consists of the assertions in the Creed about God, Jesus, and salvation. This ‘faith’ is a noun, it is the sum of ‘faith facts’ that tell us something about God’s person and work.” (45) Of course, this work of God consists of what he has specifically done in Jesus, the gospel.

Bird says, “the second-century church father Irenaeus got it right when he described the gospel ‘handed down to us in the Scriptures, to be the ground and pillar of our faith.’” (45)

Faith as Trust

Faith isn’t only a noun, a set of facts; it’s also a verb. “The biblical picture of faith is no stale affirmation of stationary facts. Rather, belief is something that is living, active, dynamic, personal, and even risky.” (46)

Hebrews 11:1 encapsulates this picture: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” As Bird explains, “Faith is a firm conviction that what we hope for will one day happen.” (46)

He goes on, “Ultimately faith is our trusting response to God’s faithfulness.” (46) And we’re beckoned to persevere in such trust through active obedience.

Faith and Obedience

Bird believes understanding the relationship between faith and obedience is vital:

If we collapse faith into obedience, the result would not be faith but fealty and fear, a belief that we must obey certain rules and live a certain way in order to earn God’s love…Alternatively, if we cordon off faith and obedience too far, then faith becomes dislocated from faithfulness, and we run the risk that faith is nothing more than an abstract compilation of religious ideas that do not shape how we actually live. (49)

If one aspect of faith is trusting, another is staying faithful to what we’ve trusted.

Faith and Doubt

It makes sense that faith would be connected to fact, trust, and obedience. But what about to doubt? Bird says yes, insisting that doubt can be faith’s aide. “Doubt can be a sign of spiritual struggle, a means of growing into maturity, and a pathway into a stronger more resilient faith.” (53)

Yes, Jesus told Thomas to “Stop doubting and believe” (John 20:27). Bird reminds us that Jude also tells us “to be merciful to those who doubt.” (Jude 22) That’s probably because God himself is.

“It is comforting to remember that God’s faithfulness to us is greater and far more powerful than our doubts. God is there to help us in our doubt and to journey with us…” (54)

Faith and Mystery

Finally, faith means delighting in the unknown. Bird explains that, while “Christians believe that God’s mysterious purposes have been made known to them in the unveiling of Jesus Christ,” and “we know how the story is going to end: a new heaven and a new earth,” it’s also true that “there are so many uncertainties and unknowns.” (54) He lists several such uncertainties:

What does tomorrow hold for me?
What is my part in God’s design?
What trials will we face?
How will God bring us through it all?
In the face of such uncertainties, “Faith means following Jesus into the mystery of God.” (54

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I spent it on my handwork and to reason how my life is going to good and to succeed it in life

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Re: What Are Signs Of END Time. by Riddor: 8:47pm on December 25

No, this world will only end in one way - when Jesus returns to get His own, the Saved, away from it.

Between now and then, by man's own choosing, the world will continue to get worse and worse in sin until there is finally no one else who will repent and come to God in Faith to be Saved.


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The rest of the best dresser

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During all this doesn't not mean she is a good wife materials, she might likes the work or her priority

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