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Re: . by Ehinor007: 7:54am on February 25

How to Know if a Girl Likes You

She glances your way, laughs at your jokes, and acts nervously around you. You’re not sure if she’s flirting, being friendly, or is simply uninterested.

Whether you’ve had a crush on a girl for ages and are dying to know if the feeling is mutual or you just want to know if she likes you for curiosity’s sake, there are a few nearly foolproof ways to tell whether a girl likes you or not.

Look at her stance. When a girl likes you, she will face in your direction. If a girl has her torso turned towards you in an open manner, this means that she is confident talking with you. If she has a closed body position, namely crossed arms or legs, she may be shy or nervous to talk to you or she may simply be creating a barrier to signal that she is uninterested.[1]
When she is sitting with her legs crossed, watch her feet. If they are pointed towards you, it might mean that she likes you and wants to get closer to you.[2]

Pay attention to eye contact. If a girl likes you, she will tend to either hold her gaze on you for a few seconds or glance down the moment your eyes make contact with hers. Either of these responses could mean that she likes you. If she pulls away quickly, it often means she is nervous or not ready to reveal her true intentions yet, but she may still like you.
When a girl likes you, her pupils might dilate, though this will be hard to tell.[3]
If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, this could mean that she likes you.

Take context into account. The way you interpret a girl's body language will vary depending on the context. For example, if you're talking one-on-one with a girl, her touching your arm for a few seconds could be considered flirting. However, if she quickly taps your shoulder to get your attention and tell you that your friend is looking for you, she may really just be trying to help, not flirt.
If you are having an intense conversation, a girl may look at you without breaking eye contact. This does not necessarily mean she likes you. It could just be a conversational practice of hers. However, if she makes eye contact with you for an extended period of time without talking, or if she looks at you and breaks away the minute you look back at her, she may be intrigued by you.

Notice if she touches you or tries to get closer. When a girl likes you, she will often try to touch you, as this is a noticeable yet still subtle way to flirt. It allows a girl to size up how responsive you are. She may touch your arm when you say something funny, “accidentally” brush your shoulder or hands with hers, or gently place her hand on your knee.
Not all girls will feel comfortable reaching out using touch. In this case, don't assume that she doesn't like you just because she doesn't try to touch you. She may be too nervous to do so. If you like her, don't be shy––break the touch barrier yourself and see how she responds.
She may also find other reasons to touch you, such as softly punching your arm. These "one-of-the-mates" moves can be a thinly disguised way of getting closer to you without it being too evident to your friends and hers.

There are a whole lot of other signs to look out for

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Re: Getting Killed By Computer!. by Ehinor007: 7:39am on February 25

What an interesting post.Nice piece,well-done

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Thank u for the wonderful and resourceful information.

Please what is the website for this advert. I can't seem to find the organization online.Thanks

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okay...sure thing bro,i just cant wait any longer.Thanks for the prompt reply

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Re: . by Ehinor007: 3:03pm on January 22


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Well said. Well-done. I feel number 1,2 and 5 is the same point. Number 5 shouldn't be titled as "being mean" by "being insensitive to her want". The some ladies prefer a guy being aggressive while some prefer nice n slow.

So being aggressive maybe not be a turn off but all the same well-done

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Re: . by Ehinor007: 8:44pm on January 16

Okay.....let's keep the numbers coming

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OK thanks so much...That was very helpful.

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so what your saying in essence is even if a lady is attracted to a guy,she should never make the move to let him know how she feels about him.....because it will mean her losing her respect as a lady............I find this answer very very strange hmmmm


hmmmmm,your answer leaves me with no clue.

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A very resourceful article, I also think regular body detoxification will help check the sugar intake

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Wow nice piece...... Information is power.

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OK this article was really helpful.Thanks

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